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Rooting Verizon Enlighten (CDMA) Verzion ?

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  1. Gryffon

    Gryffon Well-Known Member

    I'm trying out a verizon LG Enlighten (2.3.4) which is on the CDMA network in the US.
    I have already successfully rooted the Wildfire S and run a custom rom on that so I'm not a complete novice.
    The Enlighten VS700 does however puzzle me as I believe it contains the new mini-SIM card, which I thought is only used in GSM countries. so does the root require a certain CDMA procedure or can it be rooted using the GSM procedures successfully.

    If it relies upon the mini-SIM data then I see no reason the phone can't be unlocked and any SIM being used in it's place, even if it means 'Cutting' a full size SIM to 'Mini' size, am I right on that assumption?

    Anyone who has any information regarding the rooting of the LG Enlighten VS700 from Verizon, please get in touch so I can learn more about it.
    Thanks in advance! :smokingsomb:

  2. luvit

    luvit Active Member

  3. Gryffon

    Gryffon Well-Known Member

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