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rooting without installing a rom

  1. jeffkro

    jeffkro Member

    Ok, I'm tired of waiting for the wifi hotspot feature in froyo. My question is can I just root my phone and use one of the wifi tether apps or do I have to install one of the ROM's. I really can't risk downtime on my phone, so I'm a little scarred of loading a ROM.

  2. crazydog

    crazydog Well-Known Member

    You don't have to install a rom at all! Wifi tether is an app in the Market, but you need to root to use it. There are many "root users only" apps in the market - just search for "root". You can use any of those apps after you root your phone. Installing a rom is NEVER a requirement!
  3. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    All you need is root access. That's the same as super-user access. You're basically gaining access to all of the phone's capabilities, especially those locked out by software limitations, such as free wireless tethering.

    I have it on my DX. Do I use it? No. Do I have it if I ever need it? yes. Why really do I have it? Because I can and it's MY PHONE! :)
  4. crutoi

    crutoi Well-Known Member

    if all i have is root(no new radios\kernels\roms), is there way to go back to stock without loosing settings? the reason why i am asking is when official update comes out(if that ever happens :)), i want to avoid reinstalling everything...
  5. stuckpig

    stuckpig Well-Known Member

    accepting an official update from verizon is the last thing you want to do, honestly.

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