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Rooting wont work

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  1. ja3k3l

    ja3k3l New Member

    I have tried rooting my aria many times, all of the videos i found only went to the Evo. Also i am using the unrevoked method, on my linux ubuntu computer. Windows wont read the phone when it wasnt in hboot, and on my linux i get to where it says waiting for bootloader, is there anyway i could fix or bypass this by going through fastboot?

  2. losso

    losso Member

    i have the same problem i cant no find the program it keep asking me for a cd.. i have windows
  3. Rilos

    Rilos New Member

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  4. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    thanks guys! looking forward to being active in the aria forum.

    I haven't started rooting her phone yet but the girlie just ordered an Aria so I will most likely be rooting it for her. this type of stuff is very useful should I run into issues

    couldn't convince her to leave att but at least she is ditching the old iphone

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