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Rooting Xperia Arc

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  1. matskh

    matskh New Member

    I have an SE Xperia Arc, 2.3.3.
    I've downloaded "Gingerbreak v1.20.apk" and installed it on my phone, but when i try to root the devise it seems like it's stuck in the working process. Have tried to reboot the phone but no luck.

    Any idea what i could do?

  2. stu1978

    stu1978 Well-Known Member

    You can't root with that method on 2.3.3

    This will tell you how to do it.
  3. matskh

    matskh New Member

  4. matskh

    matskh New Member

    Looks like i have to ask again:p Hven using flashtool i am supose to turn off my phone, hold back button and plug in the USB, when i do this it only starts charging?
    The blu led doesn't show.. How to fix??:)

    Sorry, bad english:p
  5. stu1978

    stu1978 Well-Known Member

    Make sure the drivers are installed:

  6. matskh

    matskh New Member

    oops:p when*, blue* etc:p LOL

    Thanks again stu1978:)

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