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rooting xperia minipro after 2.1 update

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  1. madyak

    madyak Member

    hi.im new to android phones.ive tried using z4root on my mini pro after i updated to 2.1,but when i clicked on 'temporary root',it got to message saying 'opening exploit' and just kept trying to load for half an hour until i turned phone off.
    do u need to use 'perminent root' instead,or is the update stopping it?

    thanks for any help or ideas-i only want to remove the damn apps that are built into the phone as ill never use half of them.is this usual with android phones?

  2. hojjatalavi

    hojjatalavi New Member

    hi,i have same problem for rooting the xperia x10 mini pro updated to 2.1.
    i want root my phone but i dont know witch app work on it properly.
    please help me.
    thanks alot
  3. 5ugz

    5ugz New Member

    In my experience one click rooting isn't the most reliable. I also attempted to use z4root on my x10 mini pro (U20i). It installed ok and when i tried both temporary and permanent root it claimed it was succesful. However i still had no rooting priviliges.

    The best way forward i have found is to download superoneclick from here;

    [APP]SuperOneClick v2.1.1 (Finally fixed!) - xda-developers

    (Around halfway down at the end of the post but before the replies are about five links, latest version is 2.1, download this one.)

    Install it, Open, Plug USB into phone *DONT select mount or charge, just plug in and leave*, then click root and it takes about half a minute to work its magic... JOB DONE! Easy as that.

    I have used this software on x10 mini pro's with both Android 1.6 and 2.1 succesfully.

    Hope this helps, Good luck :D
  4. Adiawe

    Adiawe New Member

    When i click on root tha process starts but its stops whn "WAITING FOR DEVICE"....
    WHt must be the problem .......
    please help me out......
  5. muntazir08

    muntazir08 New Member


    please do let me know, i have xperia sony ericsson mobile, and it got pattern locked due to wrongly attempted by child, now it is asking favourite place which i donot know, what are the other options, please advice......

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