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  1. powerkane

    powerkane Well-Known Member

    i found that the motochopper tool is the only thing that i got to work on rooting the mach i bought it 3-4 days ago when it first hit the boost stores.
    here is the site for the motochoper tool
    i in no way deserve any credit for this tool i only simply spent 2 hours googling how to root my phone

    direct motochopper dl link here
    lg driver here

    install your drivers if you have not already and unzip the motochopper then run and follow the onscreen instuctions

    here is a simplified step by step

    0. click this link http://vulnfactory.org/public/motochopper.zip and wait for download and unzip
    1. make sure your phone is on :p
    2. press the power button and unlock your screen
    3. press the menu button (the one on the right bottom corner under your screen)
    4. tap settings
    5. scroll down
    6 tap developer options
    7. tap ok if a pop up menu says anything about turning on developer options
    8. tap usb debugging
    9. tap ok
    10. take a usb cable
    11. insert the tiny end in your phone
    12. insert the big end into your computer
    13. now on your computer open motochopper if it isnt already
    14. click run not run.sh
    15. press any key when the commandprompt pops up
    16. press any key again when it tell you (phone will reboot don't be scared)
    17. you should now be rooted
    (optional part)
    18. unplug your phone
    19. go back to settings
    20. tap security
    21. tap unknown sources
    22. hit the home key
    23. open your browser
    24. look up appdroid
    25. download it
    26. enjoy fr.... i mean enjoy play store apps that might not be on the play store anymore <_<

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  2. DigitalViking

    DigitalViking New Member

    I'm about to buy a Mach to replace the Transform Ultra I bricked... Is there anything important we need to know about this process?

    No, there's not... Took about ten seconds, no errors, root access and su binary working perfectly.
    Thank You, powerkane!
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  3. obliv23

    obliv23 New Member

    I can vouch for this method. I just performed it on my LG Mach. Root access in less than 1 minute! Thanks powerkane! I upgraded from the Transform Ultra as well, and so far I love the LG Mach!

    Edit: Just donated to you and the dude on the xda-developers forum. Cheers!
  4. powerkane

    powerkane Well-Known Member

    Lol np sorry for the long reply I forgot to download the app on this phone I switched from the tu as well there are ways to unbrick the tu btw but I feel like this phone can handle itself pretty well I recommend getting a screen protector and a vented case for it :p
  5. obliv23

    obliv23 New Member

    What case did you get? I got a generic matte black case from ebay ($3 or $4 can't remember). I've never seen a vented case
  6. tejodite

    tejodite Active Member

    you can check on amazon, they have different designs and prices

    in my case i am waiting for a bigger battery.
  7. powerkane

    powerkane Well-Known Member

  8. impetus

    impetus New Member

    Thanks so much powerkane! Followed your instructions and it rooted no problem. :D
    Titanium Backup (a must have IMO) confirmed root access. Was able to backup and uninstall chrome.

    Thanks again.
  9. Daisaike

    Daisaike New Member

    well this work for a Mach already on ZV8?
  10. powerkane

    powerkane Well-Known Member

    yes if you bought your phone from boost it will be zv8 only when it was on sprint it was zv6 and zv7
  11. Daisaike

    Daisaike New Member

    thanks powerkane!
  12. mtstew

    mtstew Active Member

    Biggest battery I could find was 2600mAh, has anyone else had any luck?

    Maybe now I can convince myself to purchase that 24000mAh external battery I've been oogling =)
  13. tejodite

    tejodite Active Member

    i don't think there will be a bigger battery for this phone, is not popular enough i suppose

    I recomend to buy an external battery, is what i did

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