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  1. mhlsilverdale

    mhlsilverdale Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know what application is creating a file named .Rootlogger in the directory /data/local ?

    I running Cyanogen Mod 7 G60Style v.10.

    If I rename the file, it is immediately recreated....

  2. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    I don't have .Rootlogger. I checked /data/local/. Now my code is based off of v.0.8. Maybe it was an add on. I presume you have some other apps installed. Do you have one that has Root access? It has to be one with Root access.
  3. mhlsilverdale

    mhlsilverdale Well-Known Member

    The application "Rootlogger Pro" is creating and writing to the file; The dis-concerning thing is it's uninstalled!

    I re-installed the application and shut off the logging; I think that fixed the problem. I suspect it was firing a script at boot that didn't get shut down when I uninstalled it.*

    Thanx for the information...

  4. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    Where did it come from
  5. mhlsilverdale

    mhlsilverdale Well-Known Member

    Google Market: Rootlogger Pro; Stephen Stericson (author of BusyBox Pro)

    It installed its version of bash and was loading on boot up. It didn't matter if I unchecked all the logging options, wiped the cache/data and uninstalled the app, it just kept logging. If I deleted the log file (which was 15MB when it first got my attention) it would just recreate itself. It had an option to "uninstall" bash, which it reportedly did. When the application opened it stated it could not record root logs without the bash installation; didn't matter it just kept logging...

    I flashed the ROM again; it's gone now, I'll never install that one again.

    Titanium Backup and Root Explorer will probably function a bit quicker when a 15MB log file isn't been opened and written to each time one of them issues a busybox command.
    I don't suspect this as malware (it used a rather obvious name for the log file); I think the app was basically misbehaving and didn't clean up after itself; to my knowledge, having viewed the log file, it only logged root access by other applications and didn't contain personal data.

    My bad for installing an application with only 11 downloads...
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  6. zathras1865

    zathras1865 New Member

    I had the same problem, including not being able to remove the log file after I uninstalled Root Logger Pro. In my case the log file had grown to 45MB!

    I solved the problem using Root Explorer to remove the Borne shell (sh) command that was redirected to bash and restored the original shell command, which had been renamed "sh.bak" in the /System/Bin directory.

    I then deleted the log file in /Data/Local.

    Better than re-flashing, but only if you know your way around Linux.

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