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Router Rebooter - Should be extremely easy

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  1. QRC

    QRC New Member This Topic's Starter

    Dec 13, 2009
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    Hey guys.

    I frequently have problems with my router and I need to reboot it a lot (annoying, I know). I generally use my Droid to go to in the Browser which is the router setup page and hit Reboot on that page. The reboot button links to "javascript:reboot(document.setup)" . It then says do you really want to do this in a little pop-up and I hit "OK" and it says "rebooting blahblahblah" and the URL at that time is ""

    Is there anyway this whole process could be made into a quick app (OR WIDGET! :D;) ) to make my life a little easier? That would be so great.

    Please reply if this is possible and/or you're willing to make it.

    Thanks! :eek:


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