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  1. ManlyParasite

    ManlyParasite Well-Known Member

    Has anybody found any good RPG games?
    I've always been a fan of the Final Fantasy and Tales series, and as such I'm always looking for good mobile games.
    I have found a few, but would like to expand my selection.

    A few RPGs I have found:
    Spectral Souls
    Earth and Legend
    Symphony of Eternity
    Castle Master 3D

    Of course there are others, such as Defender (1 and 2) and Dragon Hunter, but these are little more than a quick gaming session to kill a few minutes.

    Below are the games I've played and my reviews, if anybody else has any recommendations, please don't hold back.
    Also, I have emulators and games for those too, but the point of this its games made for Android :p

    Symphony of Eternity - This seems to be quite a bit like a Final Fantasy game. I haven't gotten to far, but its a fairly decent 1.

    Earth and Legend - This game features full 3D environment and classic run-here-run-back-then-run-there-again quests.,Honestly, I couldn't really keep playing this. I don't easily like fetch quests, and from what I read about it, it looked like a,MMORPG game but I was always alone.

    Spectral Souls - I have to say, this may be 1 of the best, most polished games I've seen for Android. Its a tactics game, and from what I can tell its actually a complete port of a Japanese only PS2 game by the same name.

    Castle Master 3D - A pretty fun game, advertises 300 v 300 battles but its really closer to 25 NPCs vs 25 NPCs with more spawning as they die. Its fun, contains elements of strategy, hack n slash, and traditional RPG gaming.

  2. HereticSins

    HereticSins Well-Known Member

    I'm about to try castle master 3d.
    I really like the zenonia games.
    There really tight if only they had live pvp.

    Edit: it froze on me. :/
  3. trygunzy

    trygunzy Well-Known Member

    they actually have finally fantasy in the play store it cost. Other than that I'd say zeniona or caligo chaser
  4. ManlyParasite

    ManlyParasite Well-Known Member

    Yea I saw they have FF1 and a port of the DS remake of FF3. I assume FF1 is a port of the GBA remake but I'm not sure.
  5. n4zty

    n4zty Well-Known Member

    u can actually install emulators on your android phone and play whatever game you want on it. after speaking with a mod he said im allowed to share where to get the emulator but the roms or the actual games are not allowed to be discussed openly. but with that being said yea i definately recommend installing a emulator on your phone perhaps a n64 emulator then getting a rpg game that u really enjoy for it
  6. ManlyParasite

    ManlyParasite Well-Known Member

    I already have an SNES, GBA, N64, and PSX emulator. The play store is removing them, but there should still be some there.
    On a side note, last I checked emulators are freeware, meant to be distributed for free right? So these emulators in the store that cost money are violating something somewhere lol

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong here
  7. n4zty

    n4zty Well-Known Member

    Lol not all of them are paid apps there are lots of free emulators so no jumping to conclusions besides the google play market isnt the only market for android where u can get such apps theres amazon market and a few other decent legit markets out there.
  8. ManlyParasite

    ManlyParasite Well-Known Member

    Yes, this is true, but a lot of them also have advertisements or a free/trial version with some features locked. There are plenty of ways to get working emulators, I just don't like that the 1s in the market are like this

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