RRS News Feeder Apps,, any suggestions ??

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  1. Ian_C

    Ian_C Active Member

    Which would suggest ??

  2. mattheis

    mattheis Well-Known Member

    I have been using NewsRob, seems to work pretty well, syncs w/ google reader nicely
  3. Ian_C

    Ian_C Active Member

    thanks, downloading now, I will give it a try
  4. nonie3234

    nonie3234 Well-Known Member

    Another vote for NewsRob! I love it - so easy to sync with Google Reader!
  5. Ian_C

    Ian_C Active Member

    ok, any others that you know of ???
  6. Syphon

    Syphon Well-Known Member

    I use FeedR. Works GREAT and also syncs with Google Reader. Also has widgets. It costs 99 cents though, but worth the money. Here are some screenshots... FeedR News Reader Android App Review by AndroidTapp.com | Android Tapp. Android App Reviews

    Some of the screen shots show it with the ugly white theme..but it does run in all black if you like that look (which that is my favorite look).

    ADDED: Whoa! that is cool. This forum took my link and changed it into the page title and stuff. Pretty cool.
  7. Ian_C

    Ian_C Active Member

    Thanks,, I have now found another called NewsRoom which is free and seems to do what I was looking for.. Thanks for all your quick responses,, this forum is great for help and support.

  8. The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight Active Member

    I tried the "Talking RSS Feed", but it appeared that it was chewing up my battery's energy. I took my phone out of my pocket after installation, and it was running hot, with a very low battery charge count. That indicates an ongoing data process (ie, ongoing Inbound/Outbound signals), and so I uninstalled it. Problem solved. I'll check out the suggestions above as well.

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