RTSP and Linksys wvc54gca problems

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  1. sghere

    sghere Well-Known Member


    I have the Linksys Wireless WVC54GCA webcam that allows mobile devices to connect to it, however the Droid doesnt allow Flash yet. /sigh

    There is a section on how to setup RTSP streaming, however the default browser reverts any RTSP://x.x.x.x to http://x.x.x.x which is REALLY annoying.

    I have downloaded NSWPlayer which allows me to do this, however only over WiFi. If I have the camera setup in the DMZ, wifi turned off and put in the routable IP 98.220.x.x address it says the media isn't valid.

    Is there anything out there other than the VLC player (which doesn't work by the way) that will allow me to view this over the internet?

    I'm using this to monitor our puppy and want to be able to check on her while we're gone.

    Any help is appreciated!!


  2. Zoommn

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