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  1. crakkajakka15

    crakkajakka15 Member

    Hey folks, got a odd issue here with a Samsung Rugby phone. We have deployed 3 rugby smart phones to our techs in the field since they seem to be pretty bullet proof devices. My issue is that when connecting the phone to our exchange server all work fine. The issue is that after a few days the email seems to come in and go out at its own leisure causing large time periods of email to be delayed arriving to the device. All setting are set to push mail and it seems to work just fine over the WiFi (as soon as the devices connects to WiFi all email functions fine) and will work intermittently over the 4G connection. We have two other Rugby Smarts set up the exact same way and neither of these other two have this issue. I have updated the phone to the latest OTA update as well. I also use my own Android (EVO 4G LTE) to get exchange mail and it functions fine as well. Anybody else seeing this same issue?

  2. kemonine96

    kemonine96 Well-Known Member

    I've not seen this issue on the Rugby Smart. However, we've had an issue at work where Android devices cannot get exchange e-mail when connected to wifi, the exact opposite of what you are describing.

    There are a few 3rd party exchange apps in the market, have you tried one of those with 3/4g to see if it works with those? I've had good success with Touchdown myself. Such good success that I use it for all my exchange stuff instead of the built-in stuff.
  3. crakkajakka15

    crakkajakka15 Member

    The issue you are having there is a split-horizon DNS issue on your network. This happens when you are on your internal LAN and try to connect to a outward facing web address. Your firewall will drop this traffic by default becasue it is returning to the origional destination it was sent from. To fix this you need to edit your internal DNS zone to redirect traffic on your internal LAN that is going to example (whatever address is used to access OWA from outside your LAN) to the internal hostname of your exchange server example https://exchangehostname/owa

    Update on my original issue another of the 3 Rugby Smarts is now experiencing this same issue as above.
  4. kemonine96

    kemonine96 Well-Known Member

    Did the newly broken Rugby receive the OTA update? Can you compare the build numbers of a working Rugby and a broken one?

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