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  1. corance

    corance Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if vm will be releasing any new phones for Christmas? And if so is anyone waiting on something specific to come out? The evo sucks and it definitely doesn't have the support you guys provide for the triumph. Since the new cm9 I love this phone so it will take something special for me to get a new one....any rumors?

  2. Sleepingsirens

    Sleepingsirens Well-Known Member

    I heard the galaxy s 2 is coming next month, and how does the evo suck?!!
  3. Dimensions

    Dimensions Member

    Not that I've seen or heard of. I'll do some research and see what I can find. I doubt it though. The latest phone they've released is the Samsung Galaxy Reverb in September, but the EVO V is cheaper and better. Sprint might be considering adding Samsung phones to Virgin Mobile.
  4. corance

    corance Well-Known Member

    I shouldn't say it sucks. It doesn't do much more than the triumph,no dev, the 3d camera is useless, I have ics, it's cost almost as much as triumph...and on and on. It doesn't suck but it's no where near worth getting rid of triumph for. And have you read what it takes to root that thing? And for what,3 roms? And to get the other roms to work you have to short out wires? No thanks! I watch my friend just root it without shorting out wires and it was a whole thing, but hey, now he has 3 roms to choose from!
  5. Sleepingsirens

    Sleepingsirens Well-Known Member

    I cant say I have checked it out, and that sounds crazy, shorting out wires? geez man, all i want is ics..
  6. Bill Clay

    Bill Clay Well-Known Member

    I dipped my toe in the EVO forum just to see how development was coming, and I ran back here as fast as I could! Rooting the EVO sounds like a nightmare!
  7. Sleepingsirens

    Sleepingsirens Well-Known Member

    Im about to check out this craziness

    EDIT: Holy Sh*t! Thats insane, you need to do 10+ steps, we have it so much easier
  8. cammykool

    cammykool Well-Known Member

    Poke your necks into the one v xda section
  9. Cyta

    Cyta Well-Known Member

    Yeah, i checked the EVO V forum a few months ago and it really is crazy what you have to do to install one of their roms. No way im being stuck with stock rom that gives you six hours of battery life.

    As for my MT...I havent charged my phone for 2 days 4 hours and 30 minutes and still have 16 percent battery life. Note...i use the fmr memory cleaner app. In my opinion...we got the best developers right here. I could not be more happier with all these options for our phone. MT is powerful enough, love the customization, plus we keep our grandfathered plan.

    Back to looking for a new splash image... :D
  10. chilz

    chilz Well-Known Member

    after being on the phone with vm idiots the guy said there going to be getting samsung s3 around the end of november
  11. goshjosh

    goshjosh Well-Known Member Contributor

    I've been going to the Evo Vs forum a lot lately 'cause I was perhaps interested in buying one. There is WAY more than 3 roms, well, for the evo 3D. They have a method to actually turn your Evo V into a Evo 3D so you can flash the same roms people on Sprint do and they have TONS of roms. They have JB roms with camera working and I believe they're working on WiMax on those roms right now. Just check XDA!
  12. emerald10

    emerald10 Well-Known Member

    Haha nice way of putting it. :) In the two years I've had VM phones I've had like one representative that actually knew what they were doing. On a related note, it's nice to hear VM is getting another Samsung. Even the S2 would be nice.
  13. ajones23

    ajones23 Well-Known Member

    I doubt it would be S3, more likely S2. Either would be great. I like my MT,more roms for it.
  14. more2read

    more2read Well-Known Member

    Rooting / S-Off on an EVO V is not that bad.
    No where as easy as the Triumph, but not bad.
  15. thebryceee

    thebryceee Well-Known Member

    The Evo V definitely does not suck...especially after flashing CM10 Disarmed Toaster (based on Android 4.1.1 Jellybean - should be updated to 4.1.2 soon), it has working 4G WiMax, with Anthrax 3.6.2 LTS.....this phone FLIES. Has working camera. The rooting and s-off process really does look more complicated than it really is. Sure it's not as easy as using Gingerbreak for the triumph (came up from this phone - the first phone I've ever rooted and modded) but it's still pretty easy. Trust me, the Evo BLOWS the MT out of the water.
  16. thebryceee

    thebryceee Well-Known Member

    Couldn't add it to my last post.

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