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  1. LesBB

    LesBB Member

    I have Runkeeper installed and it works fine - except that when it's running I can't use any other phone functions i.e. the camera or make calls! The only way to get Runkeeper off the screen to allow access to other apps is to close it. I previously had RK installed on my HTC Desire and the 'back' button would minimise RK so I could see the normal home screen. Why can't I do that with my S4?

  2. wysts43

    wysts43 Well-Known Member

    You absolutely can back out of RK and access the rest of your apps and homescreen. Just hit your home button. That should do the trick.... Not sure what kind of activities you need to perform in the middle of a run though!
  3. LesBB

    LesBB Member

    Thanks wysts43! I thought I'd tried everything when out the other day but you're right. I just got used to how my HTC worked and convinced myself I had a problem. By the way, I like to occasionally use the camera and if out in the wild, my on phone map app. (I use Mapswithme Pro and it's excellent!).

    Thanks again. ( I feel so dumb!)

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