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  1. starflyr

    starflyr Well-Known Member

    my home screens dont rotate. they did yesterday, i jus noticed they arent rotating but dont know when this started. when im off the home page, online,(for instance) it rotates. auto rotate is enabled in the pulldown menu.

    i use adw ex and have read there is a way to control this by going here:

    adw settings-ui settings-screen preferences-home orientation

    when i go there, home orientation is not highlighted, in otherwords i cant access it. i tried to chacge all the settings i can and nothing seems to work.

    any suggestions??


  2. starflyr

    starflyr Well-Known Member

    well i figured it out, i had the side to side screen scroll set on random, changed it yesterday. set it back to normal and was able to access the home orientation and now it auto rotates!!:)

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