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Running apps in background

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  1. Reverse

    Reverse Member

    I am new to Android, previous CrackBerry addict here.

    On the BB I could load Google Maps (including Latitude) to keep my position updated on Google Latitude online (I use it when I go riding on my motorcycle to give my wife a way to check if I'm still moving (= not dead)). Even if I shut down Maps, I could elect to have Latitude run in the background, so it would still update my position.

    How do I do this in Android? When I 'exit' Maps, it shuts it down, including Latitude, as far as I can tell. Can Android run Latitude in the background, or do I need to keep Maps open all the time?


  2. regression

    regression Well-Known Member

    I have a HTC Hero and use Google Latitude. After I open maps, I just press the back arrow (or home key). My position is updated while Google Maps is running in the background. In fact, my Google Maps doesn't have an Exit button....
  3. Reverse

    Reverse Member

    Well, I must be missing something...

    I opened the Google Map app, and 'closed' it by hitting the 'home' icon. Supposedly, this runs the app in the background? Didn't work for me, my position was not updated in Latitude. Same if I close by hitting the 'back' button.

    Is, or is Android not capable of multitasking? And if it is, how do I keep an app running while switching to another. Right now, all I can get Android to do is suspend the app, and save its state. Then when opened again, it picks up where it left off. It may loook like the app ran the whole meantime, but it didn't...

    I can't believe my two year old BB Curve beats Android in this respect?

  4. regression

    regression Well-Known Member

    Apps in Android do run in the background. I'm not sure why your Google Latitude isn't updating. Hopefully someone can chime in. You might try looking in the Google help forums. Lots of times Google employee's will answer...

    Latitude - Google Mobile Help

    Good luck.
  5. KlaymenDK

    KlaymenDK Well-Known Member

    [​IMG] What device do you have -- or rather, how much free memory? Check what else you've got going on.
    The reason being, Android is designed to shut down non-foreground apps to recover memory (but only when needed elsewhere!), so that's why you might see it not running. I don't know Latitude; maybe it's so big that it effectively needs to run in the foreground to be kept alive ... but that's pure speculation.

    [​IMG] Do you have a system monitor or task killer running?
    You "should" not need to use a task killer continuously, but if you have, investigate if you can set it to "ignore" Latitude.
  6. bluenova

    bluenova OK Computer VIP Member

    Are you testing it in the same area or on the move? I've noticed it will not update if I'm not actually moving. I also use it so my wife can track me when I'm out on the bike :).
  7. Reverse

    Reverse Member

    Nexus One, and it has plenty of memory left afaik.

    I don't run a task killer. Just got it last week, and am still on a tour of discovery :)
  8. Reverse

    Reverse Member

    I'm on the move. Last weekend, it showed a position that was 10hrs old (the last time I opened Maps).

    I just also noticed that when the N1 goes into power saving mode (screen off) it also disables the GPS reception. That's not going to work if I want my position to be updated continually. There must be a way to have the screen off, and the GPS on? You know, like my ancient BB :p
  9. Reverse

    Reverse Member

    Well, to answer my own original question:

    I solved my problem by installing the InstaMapper GPS Tracker. Unlike Google Maps, it DOES run in the background after pressing the home key, and keeps updating the position whether the screen is on or not.

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