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  1. OwenJohn

    OwenJohn New Member

    Im Running CyanoGen Mod 6.1 am wondering if i can run Cyanogen 7 on it? im using the Cyanogen mod from openetna

  2. hejol

    hejol New Member

    I don't know whether you mean it but on this model of CM7 cannon a new system will be enough. look for in google write down = > OPENEVE PROJECT DOWNLOADS Bookmark
  3. OwenJohn

    OwenJohn New Member

    I Got My rom im running now backed up so if i brick the phone i can still get in fastboot mode and recover the old ROM using Amon Ra right?

    EDIT- Scratch that i think ill wait for OpenEtna to release the system image for CM7 they did CM6 so i would think they are working on CM7 becuzz i downloaded CM9 something but dont know what boot.img i need lol with Openetna they put it all in one Zip file then extract them files then use WinFlasher and flash it ^^

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