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  1. Bunnielight

    Bunnielight New Member

    I've had my Pantech Breakout since about January. This is my first smart phone and I love it.

    However, it seems as though space is becoming more and more of a problem the longer I have it. I have moved all of the apps that I can over to my SD card (8G), but the more updates that come up, the more pictures I take, etc the more frustrating the space issue gets. I literally text maybe 5 or 6 people a few times and my phone will tell me that my phone is full and I have to clear my messages again.

    I've looked around online and found a few places that tell me there is a way to force move some of these apps. I downloaded the Android SDK Manager, but I have no idea what to do from here. It seems like there are just more and more add ons it keeps telling me to download and I can't figure out what's necessary and what's not.

    To be honest, I know nothing about computers or any of these programs or how to use them. I just really want to be able to get maximum usage out of my phone and I'm not sure what to do. Is there some crazy way that I can get rid of some of these stupid apps that come with the phone? Can someone help me please?

  2. tinmankxk

    tinmankxk Member

  3. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    Try going to

    Menu-settings-applications-manage applications-go to all tab and hit menu-sort by size. From there go into the apps that take up the most space and see if they have a large cache you can clear out. You can also clear the data if they have large amounts of it, be aware that any app you clear data for you will lose any settings / logins / etc associated with that app
  4. Bunnielight

    Bunnielight New Member

    I'm having trouble finding the RecoveryAIO.bat. Should that be within the BreakoutRoot file I just downloaded? I'm not really sure. I have two files within that, a META file and a system file.
  5. tinmankxk

    tinmankxk Member

  6. timmyh318

    timmyh318 Well-Known Member

    if ur rooted rom toolbox allows you to move all your apps to the sd card. just remember when an app is on the sd card u wont have a widget for that app.
  7. Danoumas

    Danoumas Member

    I don't mean to revive/hijack a dead thread, but I have a related problem and this seemed like the best place to post it. Thanks in advance for any help!

    Like Bunnielight I was running out of space on my Breakout, and like tinmankxk suggested I rooted my phone (found that exact guide separately via google search) and then installed Titanium Backup so that I could remove some bloatware. That's where the problem started.

    I uninstalled several apps, and it seemed to work, with Titanium informing me that (for example) VZW navigator was uninstalled. However in the storage use viewer in the settings there was still some sort of ghost of the bloat in the form of a process name that appeared to take up the same amount of space, and it didn't register that I had more space. I restarted my phone and the process/ghost no longer showed up in my storage use viewer, but still, the available free space did not increase. I had made a backup in Titanium just in case, and to test it I tried restoring it and uninstalling it again, and neither made a change at all in the space I had. I don't think it's just that the number wasn't updating, because I still got insufficient space errors when my one of my installed apps tried to update.

    I'm a little worried that my newly rooted phone is already behaving strangely... and clearing off space was priority #1 for rooting in the first place. Anybody have a suggestion for what I can do next to test/fix this? Thanks again.
  8. terabyte128

    terabyte128 Well-Known Member

    Your issue is that the system bloatware that you're uninstalling is on a different partition than your user applications- it is on the /system partition, and the user apps are on the /data partition. So clearing system apps, while it will make your phone run faster without all the background processes, will not actually clear up space on your /data partition. To do that, you would need to uninstall some user apps, or as a better option, move them to the sdcard, either natively or using link2sd.

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  9. Danoumas

    Danoumas Member

    Thanks for that info terabyte128 - though it's a little disappointing, since getting some usable space out of those bloatware apps was my main purpose for rooting, but that explanation makes sense. Just a bummer.

    I have everything on the SD card already that I could put there via the standard storage use viewer. I did notice that Titanium Backup has the power to move previously unmovable apps to the SD card, but when I forced one of my apps to the SD card and then checked Titanium's stats for my free space, I noticed the space on my SD card did seem to go down slightly (not a big app so maybe I misread it, but I believe I saw it decrease by 0.01GB), but the free space on my internal drive did not go up (this is measured in MB, I'm sure of that one). I can keep tinkering... but any additional feedback on why this might be would be appreciated. Thanks again!

    Also, I believe I've read (and saw with this test app) that moving apps to the SD card means I lose their home screen widgets. There's no way around that, is there?

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