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  1. italygrl1

    italygrl1 Well-Known Member

    Ok,so i have this message with a little icon saying that my phone is low on space for the internal memory..Like 53mb left and i have this app that is a music search and download app that i download music from and it just stays on the phone...Im sure everyone knows what i mean.So my question is could that be what is taking up the room and how do i put the music into my music get it off that app and onto my music folder maybe on my computer and hten i can just transfer it onto my sd card..I already tried putting the app on the sd card but then it doesnt show up and i dont know how to use it that way so i put it back on the phone....Any ideas? I dont think its the apps bc my husband has a lot more apps than do and the ones we do have are pretty much the same and then he has additional that i dont have and he is not getting this message..the one thing he doesnt have though is the music download app.I want to keep the music but be able to transfer it..The app is called music search and download and the icon for it is like a little blue cd although it looks more like a vinyl record if that helps...Thanks for any help in advance:) Btw the songs that i have downloaded show up in my music player when im listening to the music i put on my phone but im thinking that if i deleted the app the music would go with it,just a thought and like i said i want to lkeep the app but transfer the music so it doesnt take up internal memory.

  2. Evo

    Evo Well-Known Member

    Is this the app you are talking about? Music Search and Download | SlideME

    If it is, the app is really small and should not be taking up too much space.

    If you have a lot of music, then that is probably why you are getting the low space error. You have a few options. Delete some of the songs, delete some of your apps, or buy a bigger SD card for your phone so you can keep all of your music and apps.

    If you want to transfer some of your music to your computer, just plug it in through usb, slide down the notification bar and change the connection type to "disk drive". This will let you get on your computer, open up "my computer", navigate to a folder that is named something like the name of your app "Music Search and Download" or SlideME.
  3. Ojoregilkey

    Ojoregilkey New Member

    when you download music files there automatically download it to your sd card so that is not the problem.
  4. italygrl1

    italygrl1 Well-Known Member

    No its not on the sd card because i have looked for it and its not there and i know what im looking for..It stays on the phone for the sake of copyright protection so that it cant be copied and only listened to. But as this was a long time ago i am all done with this issue.
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