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Running SUPER SlowSupport

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  1. msc43283

    msc43283 Member

    I have had my Optimus S for about a month or so I guess. I have had it shut down once during the night, but power right back up without a battery pull. Other than that I have had no problems.

    Today the thing all the sudden started running suuuppper slow. I couldn't get into my gallery without waiting and waiting. Then when I exited an application it would freeze for a minute and then go back to the home screen where it was laggy on about everything I did.

    I did a battery pull and it's good to go now.

    What causes this, any apps that could be causing this? I've heard some people say they need to be rebooted, battery pulled here and there to help performance, is that true?

  2. telemike

    telemike Well-Known Member

    Task killer? How much ram is left? I gained about 60mb after rootand thunder Rom
  3. msc43283

    msc43283 Member

    No task killer. I read a bunch of stuff that said not to use it. How do I check the available RAM?
  4. sonicbluemustang

    sonicbluemustang Well-Known Member

    Android Task Manager is the better to read open and hit system info. Management is a must on these phones with small internal storage. :)
  5. Angelsfan

    Angelsfan Well-Known Member

    Phone needs to be shut off completely once in a while. Just like your computer. At least once a week.
  6. apinkel

    apinkel Well-Known Member

    I haven't had to do a reboot on my phone for performance degradation like you mentioned. I personally don't believe in doing that type of thing unless I can't find the underlying cause.

    I've had a few rogue apps that have caused reboots. That would be my guess.

    About the only thing I can think of to diagnose this is, if this issue re-occurs, go into "Settings-->About Phone-->Battery Use" to see if you can track down an app that is using a lot of battery.

    It may be due to limited memory space available as others have already mentioned, that would be something good to check.

    I could also be that temp data stored in cache by android or an app got corrupted, in which case clearing cache may help take care of the issue.
  7. stchman

    stchman Active Member

    I installed Free Advanced Task Manager from Aaron La. It has an application uninstall tab. I like the Press-to-End shortcut. Works better than Task Killer IMO.

    Hope this helps.
  8. Ma}{imus

    Ma}{imus Well-Known Member

  9. jtcady

    jtcady Well-Known Member

    Do not install a task killer. Check to see if there is a bad app and uninstall it. And yes, I reboot my phone once a day. I think it keeps it running smooth pretty well.

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