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  1. ivotkl

    ivotkl Member

    Hello. First of all, let me explain I know nothing about rooting and modifying phones default OS (I think it is called ROM here, don't know why as that should stand for Read Only Memory).

    However, I would like to run ubuntu natively (any working distro will do, though I'm interested in 10.04). Could you teach me some basic How-To? BTW, I run Ubuntu and installing Wine / Windows on my desk is not an option. So, if possible, I would like an Ubuntu tutorial. Otherwise I could manage to do it at my parent's house but we don't live that near.

    Would you be able to tell me when is Ubuntu Phone coming out worldwide?

    Thank you!

  2. ivotkl

    ivotkl Member

    Shameless bump. Any news?

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