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  1. kmcrane

    kmcrane New Member

    OK I tried for an hour to make it work, and I kept getting usb error 170.... I found the fix and it was simple.... When the RUU loads it loads BOOTLOADER driver, when the phone restarts it's self (to the white load screen) the phone driver is switched from the "my HTC" driver to the new BOOTLOADER driver. It doesn't like that... and errors. then you open device manger, and right click on bootloader and choose update driver software. then choose brows my computer..... now click on the bottom link, "let me pick from the device list, If i remember right there was 2 options (something) and HTC. Click the htc and choose the "my HTC driver. Restart the RUU. 10 Mins later you are done. I have done it twice. Good Luck!

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  2. Vaseline Smith

    Vaseline Smith Well-Known Member

    WtF why would you do it twice?
  3. kmcrane

    kmcrane New Member

    2 phones, and i wanted to test my theory, so i did one on my laptop and one on my desktop! I wasn't confident to post the info here on the first whim.:D
  4. craighwk

    craighwk Well-Known Member

  5. ACD168

    ACD168 Well-Known Member

    One day I'm sure I'll need to unroot and go back to s-on and ill need the RUU to work on my windows 7 64 bit and I know I get the error so I'll give this a try when the time comes.
  6. vnyislesv

    vnyislesv Well-Known Member

    All I'm going to say is I'm using Windows 7 64bit. WOWWW WTCCCXHHXCCXHXCHJCXHJFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!

    I was following the instructions over and over last night. I was trying it till almost 3am. Plugging it in, unplugging it. Installing, removing, reinstalling. CCleaner/VZmanager/HTC SYNC (.40)... it errored atleast 10 times.

    I wake up just now to go to work, turn the shower on and figure, what the hell, let me try it again. I turn the computer on, uninstall HTC SYNC, reinstall it, plug my phone in, open RUU, and IT WORKEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!

    Unreal. I hate computers. I'M ON 2.2 BABAY!!

    Thanks for your help people. (to those who helped last night!) off to work :(
  7. ACD168

    ACD168 Well-Known Member

    Damn no shit man, I'm S-OFF so I haven't needed to do the RUU but if I ever need to send the phone back I will, and I know I get the error. I will remember this down the road to try in case I get to the point of no return. thanks bro.
  8. vnyislesv

    vnyislesv Well-Known Member

    Yeah, its frustrating as hell but the end is worth it.

    1 thing I did screw up was saving a bunch of numbers. I got about 75% through the Facebook sync but theres a bunch of numbers I lost from chicks at the bar! LMAO. :D

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