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[RUU] Stock RUU - Unroot - Virgin Mobile 3D

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  1. Roketteere

    Roketteere Active Member

    Who is this for?

    Make sure you relock your bootloader before trying to run the RUU.
    To do that pull your battery out.
    Put it back in
    Hold Volume Down and Power Until you see the white screen.
    Select Fastboot Which is the first option with the power button.
    Once there make sure you have the fastboot drivers in your sdk folder.
    Then type in cmd: fastboot oem lock

    It should lock your bootloader successfully

    1- Need to unroot

    2- Need to recovery

    3- Want to get back to stock

    4- Any other reason

    Download HTC Sync if you need the drivers:


    HTC Sync Mirror 1

    HTC Sync Mirror 2

    Stock RUU Download Links:

    Main Download

    Remember to install HTC Sync Drivers

  2. Roketteere

    Roketteere Active Member

  3. Roketteere

    Roketteere Active Member

    Mirror 3

    This is my personal Google Drive Account and should last for a long time.
  4. Roketteere

    Roketteere Active Member


    Just incase someone needs this
  5. androidvm24

    androidvm24 Member


    I appreciate you posting the link. However when I tried it on my phone i noticed my phone had a newer version.

    Do you have a link to the newest RUU ?

    My phone says it has 1.14.652.0

    Thanks !
  6. ramjet73

    ramjet73 Well-Known Member

    There's only one RUU for the Evo V and you won't be able to install it while S-ON without downgrading your mainver.

    What ROM do you have installed now and why are flashing the RUU?

  7. androidvm24

    androidvm24 Member

    I have no rom installed. My phone currently is stuck boot looping so I can't load any rom successfully. My hope was to use the RUU to bring it back to factory but unfortunately the utility gives me an Error 140.

    Is there a way to to do S-OFF without have a functional rom ?
  8. christiansoto

    christiansoto Well-Known Member

    can't flash ruu its giving me a bootloader error
  9. Brian706

    Brian706 Moderator Moderator

    What's the error? The most common two errors are:
    1. You didn't lock the bootloader before running the RUU
    2. You are s-on and are trying to run an older version of the RUU


    Just realized this is the Evo V. So another common problem is that you took the OTA. Which brings us back to problem 2. There is no RUU for the OTA, only the original release. But there is a tool you can flash first and then run the RUU if you had taken the OTA.
    See this post by Ramjet on Xda:

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  10. jjavitable1

    jjavitable1 Member

    Thanks a lot for this guide. RUU download actually works.
  11. izander

    izander Well-Known Member

    Hey, I've been looking for advice and help for flashing CM10.1, and I'm S-OFF with these settings, my sms or mms will NOT receive, but WILL send. I am told this is the only fix, and I'm not too sure what it entails.

    Here are my settings:

    ROM: Harmonia 3.16
    Kernel: Stock
    PRI: 1.53_145
    H-Boot: Eng 1.50.50

    if there's anything else you, need, just let me know

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