RUU stuck on rebooting to bootloader - any has UK TMob RUU?

  1. sal2103

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    Hey guys, I'm having quite an issue here trying to my DesireZ, it's stuck at the HTC logo and won't start up...

    Here's a list of things I've tried:

    - Volume Down + Power > RECOVERY > will vibrate 7 times and then it's stuck.
    - FASTBOOT - Flash new RUU - says "Rebooting to bootloader" on the PC but nothing ever happens.
    - renamed from the RUU to PC10IMG.ZIP, placed it on SDCARD, Volume Down + Power - it will see the file but... when the update process starts it gets stuck at the very first step "Bootloader - updating" and it freezes there.

    It is a TMob UK HTC Desire Z which hasnt been rooted and S-ON. i have tried:


    (as my radio version on HBOOT is so i presume this is the right one) but once i go to FASTREBOOT and USB comes written it just sticks at REBOOTING TO BOOTLOADER and i have to pull the battery out.

    Any help would be appreciated please or if someone has a tmob desire z if then can send me a ruu flash file please

  2. sal2103

    sal2103 Active Member

    my hboot says:

    Apr 11 2011.23:36:27
  3. AntimonyER

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    Hey, I moved this to the All Things Root section. Thanks for understanding. :)

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