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  1. rosandy10

    rosandy10 New Member

    Hi guys, need help here

    I live in Indonesia and recently I bought a used SGS2 HD LTE (SHV e120L) from Korea, and Im using an Indonesian provider SIM Card.
    My situation :
    1. Phone calls and texts run fine
    2. Wifi connection works fine
    3. No internet connection at all :(
    I ran into Samsung Service in my city but they have no answers whatsoever for my situation. I suspect the phone is locked by the former provider, but I read in the internet that we can unlock phones using codes. Problem is, I cant seem to find the IMEI number on this model. Under the battery is only the S/N code, while on the box it says no IMEI number. I tried typing *#06# and it says "connection problem or invalid MMI code". I also tried *#*#4636#*#* and same results.
    Now Im kinda stuck on what else to do, because I think Ive tried the alternatives I can think of.
    Help anyone..? :confused:

  2. RoosterRooster

    RoosterRooster New Member

    wow great forum. lots of questions.... no replies. i'm so glad i took the time to register
  3. birthy0605

    birthy0605 New Member

    wah di indonesia gak bisa di pake y mas??? gimana nih :(

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