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  1. wpoveromo

    wpoveromo Member

    Is there a way I can cascade multiple S-notes? I would like to have S-note on one window taking all my notes, and another S-note where I create running list of follow up items.

    If not S-note, is there another application I can cascade to keep that running list of to-do items? Can we cascade Evernote?

  2. 13ilgal

    13ilgal Well-Known Member

    I could not get it to open two instances of S Note, and Evernote does not show up in the pop-up list of multiwindow choices.

    However...S Planner does, and it has a Task list option (complete with check boxes). Maybe that would work for you?

  3. Scooter04

    Scooter04 Active Member

    There are several post note type apps. I downloaded colornote and it seems to work well. It will cascade with snotes on the same screen. Not sure if it will do what you want, but you could check it out as well.
  4. Stepheninkent

    Stepheninkent Well-Known Member

    Have been looking for this check list option and can't find it can someone point me in the right direction also mention of birthday message in snote thats another option that I cant find
  5. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Well-Known Member

    If you are using the S Pen, then you can use Papyrus beta with S Note in cascade mode. Papyrus beta was originally designed for the Galaxy Note and S Pen.
  6. MikeBill

    MikeBill New Member

    Well you can also rather use a case for your SGN. Which I am using now . I can suggest you that case. The case is pretty fine to me because it is not only a case but also a Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard!! Also have many more features.

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