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  1. djand

    djand Active Member

    So i use S Note to mark up my study books. I sometimes use the s pen double tap to open a S Note memo pad over the top to answer some of the questions but I cant copy this memo and paste it to the page below, so instead take a screen shot and insert a cropped version?

    Can I simply copy and paste here or is that not possible?


  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    I did handwriting in an S Note mini app and then long-pressed the text and was able to copy it and then paste it wherever I wanted.
  3. djand

    djand Active Member

    Ye it works on the text but im trying to do it on a sketch in the same s note mini app pop up thing. seems odd you can do it with text but not add a sketch to the clipboard?

    thanks again for your help, clearly an avid user :)
  4. ChrisENote

    ChrisENote Active Member

    I'm having a similar problem, l have a number of S-notes running for various purposes and sometimes write a number of pages (hand writing/ sketches) within a large s-note that I want to Copy to a different S-note document . for example I have a notebook for each months meetings, l date each page I do my daily notes. Sometimes l do a few pages of notes for, say a training course that I want to copy into a training notes document for easier reference. As djand did I have to Screenshot/ selective capture and paste but it is not Ideal. Sometimes I am an idiot and write in the wrong document and need to move a few pages.
    There a copy option in " Edit Pages" so I can Copy the selected pages but after I close the doc to open the the s-note I want to paste them into I cannot see a paste option. So you can copy paste pages only within the same S-note?
    If anyone can shed light on a method you'd make my life a lot easier,


  5. davidfarquhar

    davidfarquhar Active Member

    Only way I can think of is to duplicate the s-note and then delete the pages you don't want from the new version, but that only lets you copy once and doesn't let you add other pages from another s-note later
  6. Here in 2015, still having the same problem as all of you..:eek: Anybody figured this out yet?

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