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  1. xersatzx

    xersatzx New Member

    Today I had to force restart my galaxy note 10.1 8013. I accidently took it to what looked like a boot loader screen and it gave me the options to download a file or cancel. I accidently chose download which then prompted me to not restart while downloading. After waiting with nothing changing I saw online that I could just restart to get out of the download screen. Since restarting my s-note will not even open. Every time it opens it says it stopped.

    I do not have it rooted.

    Is there a way to fix s-note without a factory reset? I already cleared the data but not fixed.

    If I do have to factory reset is there a good backup app to back up my s-note and lecture note files?

  2. james27007

    james27007 Look into my Eye VIP Member

    I have not had this issue but it sounds like you may need a reset. But try this 1st

    Clear data on the app

    Power off your Note

    Let it set for about 2 minutes (if you had the normal Note I would say take out the battery but...)

    Turn it back on and try again

    If it still FC's you may need to do a factory reset.

    As a side note, I doubt going into download mode did anything
  3. xersatzx

    xersatzx New Member

    Thanks that seemed to work. Previously it did not, but this time it sync'd which solved the issue.

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