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  1. Thomh

    Thomh Well-Known Member

    Since JB I have noticed a few oddities when opening and drawing.

    1. Whenever I open a new note the brightness goes quite bright and I have to reset it.

    2. While drawing I brushed my hand against the screen and the note crumpled and then was thrown away!

    Is there a more comprehensive guide to S Note anywhere?

  2. JohnB47

    JohnB47 Well-Known Member

    Wow. I see what you mean. Ive found that if I wipe three fingers in a closing motion over a page it crumples and offers to be discarded.

    Yes I wish there was more info on apps. The in-built s note tutorial hasnt been upgraded to include this new behaviour - strange.
    Ps Im not sure the screen goes brighter - I think it may just seem that way going from a darker to a brighter background.
  3. i want jellybean :(
  4. khangalaxy

    khangalaxy Member

    Any luckwith your s note problems? Ive been hitby thejellybean disaster too.
  5. ikbenlara

    ikbenlara Member

    the brightness adjustment happens to me too ( no jb.)

    i thought it was just a helpfull 'here's some more clarity for your notetaking'
    about a user guide: I really need that!

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