s-off after hboot 1.27

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  1. altbzat

    altbzat New Member

    hello there.
    i have updated my phone to ics after the official release from htc. but now i would like to s-off and root.
    but the problem is that revolutionary does not support hboot 1.27.0000, and i have not been able to find another solution. does anyone know what to do?

    best regards

  2. wanbo

    wanbo Member

    I'm just after reinstalling the stock RUU aswell and getting the OTA update to Android 4.0.3, Sense 3.6 and have the same problem. The guys over in XDA are saying that because its a new update and 1.27.0000 is a new firmware version the guys at revolutionary will have to add it to the program so it should be available soon......or something like that. Just a matter of waiting
  3. altbzat

    altbzat New Member

    thats what i feared. i hate waiting.
    it is not possible to downgrade when bootloader is locked and s-on, is it? :)
  4. wanbo

    wanbo Member

    Yes you can downgrade to Android 3.x, sense 3.0 by downloading the proper RUU for your region or just wait until we're able to root the new hboot. I don't think it should take too long till they've cracked it. You might as well stick with it now! Better than the bother of going back to 3.0, waiting and then back to 3.6 when it's cracked!
  5. 05ryderj

    05ryderj New Member

    any news on this yet? :confused:
  6. duno

    duno Member

    Yep, I am also waiting for that too.
  7. hodged02

    hodged02 New Member

    had my sensation XE for a week now and can't find anyone that has a simple way to s-off/root my phone

    this is due to the HBOOT as mine has version 1.29.000

    anyone any news about this?
  8. wanbo

    wanbo Member

  9. Paullywonderous

    Paullywonderous New Member

    Pls I badly need help on my sensation xe, am a newbie, I have tried almost all the guides on this forum without any success on rooting my done, my fine is s-off but not rooted, and hboot version 1.27.0000. Pls someone should help.

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