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  1. cheebs89

    cheebs89 Member

    Yeah so I just got a Note 10.1 and its awsome. But I have been trying to find out if you can calibrate the spen so it is accurate at whatever angle I have the tab at. Ive gone into the settings, and Im beginning to think that I cant calibrate it.
    Also on a side note, any good note taking apps (other than s notes) that convert hand written information to computer text? Snotes is too difficult to use.

  2. Proverbialgirl

    Proverbialgirl New Member

    ...I agree, the learning curve for SNotes is painful. I REALLY like Papyrus. It has it's issues but it seems to be the most flexible note editor in the market.

    Did you ever figure out the calibration thing?
  3. RonJohnson4164

    RonJohnson4164 Active Member

    There's a video and guides on the internet on how to calibrate the S-pen. Just Google it and you will find it.

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