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s pen cursor gone on update to 4.1.2Support

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  1. madsciencemous

    madsciencemous New Member

    Hey everyone. I just updated my samsung galaxy note 10.1s firmware to jellybean today. Aside from a few crashes it seems stable enough and I am sure those bugs will be ironed out I due time. However, the cursor for the s pen no longer shows up, nor can I find a setting for it. This makes it much harder to draw more accurate lines. Anyone else having this problem or know a fix?

  2. mastersaied

    mastersaied Member

    Open setting>>>s-pen>>switch on air view>>>>>>then press on it>>>check pointer
  3. madsciencemous

    madsciencemous New Member

    Ah, that did it! I didn't realize you could click on the Airview after hitting that switch. Thanks. The new cursor is a little bigger than the old one, which I'm not sure I like, but at least I have it now. Thanks again.
  4. mastersaied

    mastersaied Member

    U welcome :)

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