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  1. gaboga

    gaboga New Member

    I got the galaxy note and when i draw it doesn't draws where i'm pointing at, it draws a little bit at the left side. Help please

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

  3. gaboga

    gaboga New Member

    Thanks! But nothing happens
  4. phredog

    phredog Well-Known Member

    Mine has always drawn with the pen 3 cm from the screen. The key buttons also detect it that far away. I was so angry I broke the pen in half. I borrowed someone else's. It does the same thing.

    Any ideas?
  5. Howard Hopkinson

    Howard Hopkinson Well-Known Member

    Just a thought. Are any of you using cases with a magnetic closure? If so, I have seen reports that the magnets can affect the accuracy of the s-pen.

    Also, some screen protectors are known to do this too.
  6. phredog

    phredog Well-Known Member

    i have a magnetic case. Maybe. I just figured it was just another problem with the GN. Not a very good product for sure.
  7. ifb-online

    ifb-online Well-Known Member

    Here we go again, more moans.

    The S-Pen uses Wacom passive (no battery in the pen needed) digitising technology (used in the best professional graphics tablets for many years), whereby the pen is sensed by an electronic grid that spans the entire screen. It is quite normal for the pen to be sensed without it actually touching the screen (you can see this if a full time cursor mode is available) but inking should only happen when the nib of the pen actually touches the screen surface. I used to have an HP Touchsmart convertible laptop with a Wacom touch screen and it was always going out of alignment, but this has never happened with my Note, which is 11 months old now. As an experienced Wacom user I think the S-Pen implementation is excellent.

    Is there anything you DO like about your Note?
  8. phredog

    phredog Well-Known Member

    I can wave the pen 3 cm above the keypad and get a string of characters. I have friends who also own the GN and theirs do exactly the same thing. Maybe it just does not work for people with big hands.

    I realize it is easy to form a delusion that the phone is somehow a good purchase when you know you spent about $600 for it. I really wanted to believe I made a good purchase as well.

    Some of my colleagues told me they wanted the GN. I told them they could borrow it for a day or two and their minds would change.

    What I like about my GN:The wifi has a better range than either of my android tablets, my iPhone, or my iPad. It makes a great media player (rented movies will not play, but I can download movies, and put them on a micro SD and watch them). The camera is better than the iPhone. My GN is a tablet that fits in a coat pocket. My iPhone is too small to be practical as a tablet, and my other devices are too big for my pocket.
  9. ifb-online

    ifb-online Well-Known Member

    Well, there is something not normal about your Note. Either that or my Note is abnormally good?

    Let me try to be helpful, anyway - if your S-Pen is inking even when not touching the screen maybe the plastic tip is not fitted correctly and is pressing against the pressure sensor inside the pen? The pen might be damaged. I think I remember you said you tried another one so the chances that the pen is damaged are low. Maybe your Note itself is faulty.

    All I can say is that my Note works perfectly in this respect and it always has done.

    I'm not saying I don't believe you when you say you have problems, but surely you must realise that if others like me don't have these problems then there must be a fault with yours. In which case why don't you get it fixed rather than unceasingly dis the product here? And if your Note is faulty and you lend it to others to evaluate is that fair?
  10. phredog

    phredog Well-Known Member

    I know some who have he GN2 and it works. I has been suggested that the GN1 can't work in 85-90% humidity.
  11. ifb-online

    ifb-online Well-Known Member

    Interesting theory, but that's all it is. What does Samsung say? Even if you didn't get your Note locally Samsung will still support it.
  12. phredog

    phredog Well-Known Member

    They insist that I call Germany for support. I called Germany. After the long wait they told me they cannot help because I am out of region. They said I can send it to some address in Europe, but I must pay shipping both ways, if they find nothing wrong with it.

    I am thinking the humidity theory is true. Why else does everyone I know, in Singapore, have bad luck with the GN1, but nobody seems to have problems with the S3, or other models? Also the small dealers will not touch the GN1. There musts be a reason.

    Everyone in Singapore has the same problems I have, but people in other regions have problems with updates. Funny how my phone has taken all updates perfectly. Some complain that the updates take so long. I thought they were pretty quick myself. So if your Phone fails to update, bring it to Singapore. Hahaha

    In June I am going to Dubai for a few days, and to Moscow for a week. I will try my note out there.
  13. Howard Hopkinson

    Howard Hopkinson Well-Known Member

    I live in the north of England where the humidity is often 100% and very rarely below 80% and don't have any issues with my Note.

    Sweeping statements like everyone in Singapore has problems with their Note don't actually mean that much, unless of course you have carried out a scientific study, which I very much doubt.

    I don't doubt that you personally have had issues with your phone and I'm aware that others have had issues as well, just as there have been issues with every other type of handset on the planet for some people.

    All I can say is you are most definitely in a minority of folks who have suffered serious issues with their Notes on this forum and others.

    As for your s-pen problem, again, I must conclude it is just your phone that is the problem. I wish we could find a fix for you, but I don't think it's likely other than the normal advice I have already given elsewhere in this thread.

    I hope you manage to get your phone sorted mate.
  14. phredog

    phredog Well-Known Member

    Thanx dude.

    I have been pretty angry with the phone for sure. It is such a shame because the display looks so nice. The GN looks like a work of art. My iPhone looks like, well a "phone".
  15. Fisherdad

    Fisherdad New Member

    I got a Samsung note 2. Initially everything Seemed ok. Then I noticed the problem highlighted here. I searched everywhere for a solution and kept coming up with the following.

    1. Bash the nib of the S Pen hard on a solid Surface
    2. Take the button off the pen and adjust the sensitivity
    3. Tap the side of the pen opposite the button approx 25 times to de-magnetise the pen.

    I didn't want to Start taking my pen to pieces or hitting it against hard Surfaces. Then I realised the problem had started after putting the phone in a new case. The case was fastened closed with a magnetic clasp.

    I took the phone out of the case and it sorted the problem out Immediately.:)
  16. phredog

    phredog Well-Known Member

    Haha. I no longer have a pen to try (tossed it in the rubbish). One if my friends tried te adjustment procedure and it worked.
  17. bmclachlan

    bmclachlan Active Member

    not that it matters much but if you use a regular tablet pen (I have several because I use a Tablet PC), they work without any problem on the galaxy note. I also replaced my 1st GN pen and the replacement initially worked fine but then evolved into the same issues as reported above.

    There is an adjustment you can make to the galaxy note pen by removing the small cover toward the point and adjusting one of the 2 screws. There are many references to that on this site someplace.
  18. phredog

    phredog Well-Known Member

    Correct! I use the same pen that I use with my iPad.

    For a living I write software that drives the touchscreens on ATM machines. I use the pens on them as well. Not to write code, but for testing.

    No need for the s pen for sure.
  19. ifb-online

    ifb-online Well-Known Member

    The S-Pen is a Wacom passive digitiser device and you will need one of these if you want the pressure-sensitivity and pen button functions. The iPad is not a Wacom device and only uses a simple capacitive system. Sure you can use one of those cheap capacitive blob-ended pens but you won't get pressure sensitivity or pen button functionality. So I can't understand why you threw your S-Pen away...
  20. phredog

    phredog Well-Known Member

    The $2 generic "blob" pen work just fine for what I need. I only use it because my fingers are too big. I have no need for the other functions. I uninstalled S Memo, and picture editor when I rooted my phone. I am not sure what I would do with that anyway. I could draw a mustache on a picture of my wife, but somehow I do not think she would think that is funny.

    I never once pressed the button on the Wacom pen. I never explored what it was for. When I bought the phone I had not seen the ads. The pen was only something I noticed maybe three weeks after buying the phone.

    The Z axis clearly is not functional. Mine would sense contact 3 cm above the screen. I could not type with it because it trigger the buttons from 3 cm above the display. I became disgusted with it. I suspect it is just another product rushed out the door before it was ready, like "Voice Talk".

    I would accept that it was just my phone, if my colleges here in Singapore did not experience the same. You can do a Google search and see that the pen has a reputation.
  21. phredog

    phredog Well-Known Member

    I purchased it in Germany for about 400 Euro (530 USD). That was in Jan 2012 or so. I was living in the California at the time. Samsung refused to support it out of region. The phone had not yet been introduced in the USA.

    I immigrated to Singapore, before the phone as ever offered in the USA.

    Singapore has very strong "Lemon Laws" on electronics. However it means nothing on a phone purchased outside of Singapore.
  22. ifb-online

    ifb-online Well-Known Member

    It's 'Wacom' - their technology is regarded as the best stylus system for graphics tablets and is widely used by graphics professionals.

    The stylus is designed to be sensed without actual contact on the screen although inking should only happen on contact with the screen. Contact-less sensing is useful in a variety of ways as is the on-stylus button functionality:

    S Pen-did! Top tips to harness S Pen power | News | TechRadar
  23. phredog

    phredog Well-Known Member

    You ether appreciate it, or you don't. It didn't do anything for me because it "inked" when hovering (bad Z-axis accuracy). I am sure a few people love it.

    I can buy "blob" styluses in twelve packs for next to nothing on eBay, or at the shop downstairs for $2. If I want one with a LED flashlight and laser it is $6.

    That is why there are so many products out there. That way not everyone has to like the same flavor of ice-cream.
  24. ifb-online

    ifb-online Well-Known Member

    Well, fine - I think this thread reveals a lot.
  25. shahab zia

    shahab zia New Member

    My Samsung Galaxy Note's S-pen is not working at all.when S pen is near the screen then it shows a little mark on the screen,but it dont do anything.i tried to change its sensitivity but it is still not working.
    please help me!!!!!!!!

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