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  1. ship69

    ship69 Well-Known Member


    How do I get rid of the My Calendar account on S Planner.


    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note (running ICS) and a PC running Outlook2012 using ms Exchange 2007(??) under Win7 x64.

    On my Galaxy, under Accounts and Sync, I have
    - an Exchange account ("Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync")
    - a Google mail account.

    Also (out of desperation0 I have added Google Calendar Sync to my PC.

    When adding appointments to my S Planner, if I add them as
    My Calendar ==> they never appear on PC
    Exchange a/c ==> they never appear on PC
    My Google a/c ==> they DO appear on my PC

    I should only use Google, because nothing else (goddam) works.

    The problem is that when I am adding a new appointment in S Planner (short for "Samsung Planner" presumably)... the default calendar is "My calendar" and I need to remember to change this.

    How do I get rid of this account?

    With thanks


    P.S. Is there anything (very much) better than S Planner that I can buy? Money no object!! I have tried about 4 other calendar apps (I cant remember their names) and I hated them all.

  2. PiscesCloud

    PiscesCloud Well-Known Member

    Am I correct in assuming your biggest problem is that when you enter an event on S Planner it does not appear on your PC rather than actually using S Planner itself (ie its features, UI etc)?

    If this is so, then I wonder that since you have Outlook on your PC why don't you use it? I use Outlook for both Contacts and Calendar and sync them to the Note's Contacts and S Planner using MyPhoneExplorer. I enter appointments etc either into Outlook or into S Planner and they sync to each other with no problems.
  3. MM90RR

    MM90RR New Member


    I just got the Jelly Bean update on my SGS3 today (Yay!), and I now have the same problem. When I go to add a new event in S Planner, it defaults to "My Calendar" not my Google calendar. For a while I wondered how events in S Planner were not showing up in Google.

    When I still had Ice Cream Sandwich, it was as simple as removing the Samsung account from the phone, opening S Planner, entering a new event, then re-adding the Samsung account. The old ICS S planner used to default to the "first" calendar it had in the list, and that work around used to make it think that Google Calendar was the "first" and therefore default calendar. Even when you put the Samsung account back, it kept Google at the top and as the default.

    I tried to do the same fix this morning, but Jelly Bean Touchwiz seems to handle accounts differently. I only have Google, Dropbox, and Facebook listed as accounts. I can't therefore temporarily remove the Samsung account to change the S Planner default.

    Any ideas?
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  4. MM90RR

    MM90RR New Member

    Ooops. Just realised you are talking about a Note, not an SG3, but the broad workings of S Planner should be the same on Android 4.x no?
  5. PiscesCloud

    PiscesCloud Well-Known Member

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