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  1. Christian72D

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  2. Christian72D

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    I just need a tripod if i have near and far objects in the pictures.
    If there are only far objects then no one needs the nodal point to make a good panorama.
    I already know how to shoot a panorama, but i want an app that can stich a panorama at the phone AND gives me the chance to stich it afterwards with PTGui on my PC.
    Cause in my next vacation i don
  3. Maybe so. But I would suggest those no-ones go get their eyes checked if they can't see the difference.

    You're welcome. However, not everybody reading this open forum does...

    I think it was in Alice in Wonderland where the hare said "You can't both have your cake AND eat it, Alice".

  4. Christian72D

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    I will start on 5th of October to Madagascar and stay there until 28th of October.
    And because to the weather (especally when in the rain forest) i will not be able to shoot every picture with my Bridge-Cam.
  5. Ah, Madagascar! Mesmerizing country! Unique flora and fauna! Like nowhere else on earth!
    For any shots better than out-of-focus snaps you will need a medium to long telephoto lens, a real viewfinder, AND A TRIPOD!!! Any (phone) camera without either will get you blurry pix of flowers at best. Animals will be practically impossible. Too fast and too distant. It's not a zoo out there, where the animals wait for you to come and aren't going anywhere!
    (I've done a couple dozen safaris; one in Madagascar, per hovercraft).

    Your prize photo may be of a Fossa, Madagascar's largest predator, if you are very very lucky.
    But you can forget that photo with a cam at arm's length...
    And since you possibly will never again have the same opportunity in your lifetime I suggest you get it right the first time or you might regret it.

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  7. Christian72D

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    I take my Canon SX40HS, so i have 24-840mm focal length.
    And the image stabilizer is really good, so even with the 840mm focal length i can take good pictures without a tripod.
    And because it
  8. Good camera.
    Although of course not a dSLR.


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