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  1. westbros

    westbros Well-Known Member

    I have just started investigating S-Voice. I realise it is a bit of a gimmick, but it is fun nevertheless. I would like to check whether my phone is functioning correctly. I have set the wake-up command, and this does seem to work when the lock screen is displayed. However as soon as the screen goes black the wake-up command will not work. The only way I can get the phone to respond to the wake-up command is first to press the home button to bring up the lock screen. This seems a little pointless as I could just press the home button twice to start S-Voice.

    Is this how it works with everybody else, or is something not right on my phone?


  2. xanderyoyo

    xanderyoyo Member

    im having the same problem :)
  3. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Well-Known Member

    If S-Voice was on all the time, it would use a good bit of power. "Listening" would need even the CPU to be running to identify the wake up command when it heard it. I can't see it running all the time unless you are plugged into the charger.
  4. westbros

    westbros Well-Known Member

    Thanks. That makes sense.
  5. tjoebgen

    tjoebgen Well-Known Member

    However, there is a setting called "Only listen while charging". Three things wrong with this (for me). 1> It should be able to Listen with the screen off when it is on the charger, but it does not. 2> It should be able to listen for commands when the screen is on and on the charger, but it does not. 3> With the setting turned on, I would expect it to ONLY listen while charging, yet mine listens off the charger when I activate the screen.

    I can see some non-gimicky uses for this (but let's face it, it's more to impress our friends ;) ), but it needs to work the way we want it to work. On the charger, I want to be able to command it at anytime without pressing a button. Things like placing phone calls, checking schedule, starting a playlist (instead of just music), etc. It's almost there -- I like the voice Functions.

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