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  1. andreale

    andreale New Member

    1) after upgrade to 4.0.4, no call history can be shown. i need to install an app to make the history call and check history.

    2) tried to send SMS today. after type the message and press the address book key, it's freeze!!!!! need to remember the phone no. and send the SMS!!!

    anyone got these problem and can it be fixed??

  2. DaveSyd

    DaveSyd Well-Known Member

    Did you backup your phone data before the upgrade. Even using basic like Kies?
  3. andreale

    andreale New Member

    yes i backup before update.
    the funny thing was not the backup problem. even now i made a new call, nothing could be shown on the call history page...
  4. vangough

    vangough New Member

    Exactly same problem, it doesn't display any logs at all, all blank. However, viber does show all the logs as usual. Anybody knows possible workaround?

    I recently updated to Android 4.0.4 from 4.0.3 (Hong Kong Version). So far everything I know working fine except call logs doesn't display anything.
  5. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    If you have already set up alternative caller app or messaging app as default, then the stock call logs might not pick up them up. For example, I am using GoSMS and its not shown in the logs. It only shows up when using the stock SMS.
  6. vangough

    vangough New Member

    I've not setup any alternative caller app as default. Stock caller app is still my default app. I remember even though I use viber, the stock app used to show all the call logs.
  7. msg928

    msg928 New Member

    Thank god, a solution can be found at i9100 S2.

    Go to Settings / Applications / All / LogsProvider and Click Clear Data

    The phone will now keep the new Call Log.
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  8. vboss

    vboss New Member

    Go to Settings -> Applications (select All) -> LogsProvider, then click clear data. I tried it and work again.
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  9. vangough

    vangough New Member

    Oh my word...Vboss, you are the boss. You literally saved my life....every freaking day i have been checking this thread but no avail. I almost gave up and was ready to do clean reinstall...then....i saw your post..thank you so much! You are a genius.
  10. rahat159

    rahat159 New Member

    You are simply great, I just followed you and it worked, thanks!
    but hope other things won't be effected by doing this, right?

    There is one more problem I am facing, before my emails were working I could see them reply them but now when i check my pop emails, then it show just blank it tells number of email but can't display any only blank page. I would appreciate if you could help me in this.

    Thanks again Vboss!

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