S2 files sorting issues after upgrade to ICESupport

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  1. apowerr

    apowerr New Member

    Hi, since the upgrade to ICE my Galaxy S2 has the following files sorting issues which is doing my head in!!

    1.) If I save some pictures form the web browser, images do not appear in the "most recently file appears first" order in Image Gallery.

    2.) In Music Player, "Most Played" music list the order is completely wrong.

    3.) Also, the wifi does not turn on intermittenly, I will need to reboot the handset to fix it.

    All of the above were not a problem before the upgrade, would appreciate if someone has the answer to fix them. Many thanks.

  2. vosg

    vosg Well-Known Member

    3 is a bug in ICS. Wifi sometimes won't turn on.

    For 1 and 2 I can't help as I don't use stock gallery or music player. Personally I hate both apps and have replaced them with Quickpic and Rockplayer.

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