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  1. pazaz29

    pazaz29 New Member

    When the phone is in your pocket, the power button is being presses by your clothing and held down, hence resetting your phone. Try it, just press and hold the power button even if the phone is locked. The phone will reboot. it drives me nuts and happens about 5 times a day if not more.

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  2. aceominous

    aceominous Well-Known Member

    Yeah i suppose that could be one possible cause, although i do recall reading in various different forums that the phone was actually being used at the time of the reboot or that they weren't even touching the phone.
  3. Scotty D

    Scotty D New Member

    New phone havent rooted it (even though it is soo pretty) I have to hold the button down for about 8 seconds for it to do a power shut down, and I cant do it without confirmation on screen otherwise so I think there is something up with this.

    Is there a way to program the switch/diasble (which I imagine next option remove battery) or program 20 secs holding it down to power shut down rather than it being too quick as it may seem? Thanks.
  4. Kie

    Kie Well-Known Member

    A case of some sort usually fixes the problem, long as the button is surround by casing.

    Looks like OP's problem might be different. I'd suggest upgrading to a new stock firmware like KI3.

    Also, this post.
  5. squirrell85

    squirrell85 New Member

    hi guys im having the same problem with my galaxy s2 but mine keeps resetting itself when it scanning media on my memory card iv tried 2 16gb memeory cards and it does the same on both i have jus bought a new memory card so when it turns up il try it and c if i still get the same problem any help will b appreciated
  6. Que1999

    Que1999 Member

    I'm having the same problem with my AT&T Galaxy S2. I turn it off and it enters a constant reboot pattern that I can't snap it out of. It's extremely frustrating.... It renders the phone completely unusable. Please someone find a fix for this!.. In the meantime, I think I'll just bring my phone back to the AT&T store... It's not a case, and its not the battery. It does it with 2 different batteries and when it's not in the case also.
  7. matttye

    matttye Well-Known Member

    Have you tried a factory reset?

    If so, I would ask for a replacement. NO phone should reboot-loop at factory default settings.
  8. Que1999

    Que1999 Member

    Not yet but I guess that will be my next course of action before bringing it back for a replacement. I'm brand new to Android just came over from IOS(so glad....), so is there anyway to restore all my settings/wallpapers/contacts before I do that?
  9. matttye

    matttye Well-Known Member

    The sync and backup features of Kies (Samsung's PC suite) will backup the majority of your content and settings.

    You can also sync your contacts with your Google account by going to menu > settings > accounts and sync > google account > sync now. Then, after you've reset your device and set up the Google account again, just sync again.
  10. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    I would recommend a firmware update. When I was on ke2 I had the problem quite frequently. After updating firmware the problem stopped. I still get the odd 1 or 2 but it all depends on which custom rom I've flashed.
  11. Nazwakonta

    Nazwakonta New Member

    1. I have a brand new Galaxy S II, not rooted, and after installing some apps, it does not want to switch itself off. It starts on, even after reinserting the battery.
    2. Rebooting in your pocket: the phone would switch off if you press the power button long enough, like 6 seconds. And then it reboots :(, in my case at least.

    Looks like a Big Brother is watching you:eek:
  12. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Uninstall the new apps, check that this behaviour stops, then reinstall them one at a time to see which one is the offender.
  13. cintra

    cintra Active Member

    Yes, it happens to me when the phone is just sitting there. I come back to it and its waiting for me to enter my SIM code.

    I wondered at first whether it was due to certain apps, so I removed those, but now, as it still happens occasionally, I wonder whether it could be the build up of background apps which occurs if you don't do a shutdown now and then..?

    I keep track of things with System Tuner Pro by the way.
  14. wheelwright

    wheelwright Member

    Had the shut down restart issues myself turned out to be Dolphin Browser!!

    Got rid of it,had no restarts now for weeks, now using Xscope pro browser which is rather quick!!
  15. xiBigOrangExi

    xiBigOrangExi New Member

    while i read this whole forum, i was listening to music on my SG2, and throughout that time my phone randomly shut itself off then back on twice, in a matter of 30 minutes and my phone remained stationary while i was listening. i got my phone exchanged once already a few weeks ago, and hasn't done it since and it just started doing this again today. i last downloaded a game a few days ago. however i will try and see if i can find the root of the problem. this is frustrating and making me very sad. Does anyone know at all?????
  16. mayburyds

    mayburyds Member

    No answer I'm afraid just wanted to add the list. Mine started re-booting a few days ago. Happened in the middle of the night last night. :confused:
  17. jgkeegan

    jgkeegan New Member

    I have mine for three weeks with the latest sw upgrades. It reboots and heats up several times a day if an sd card is inserted. Without a card, it also reboots but much less frequently. I removed Dolphin browser to no avail. My guess is Samsung will ignore until Ice Cream release and hope that fixes it.
  18. jgkeegan

    jgkeegan New Member

    mine reboots whether or not it is stationary. there is also no relationship to the number of apps running. it has the most current updates.
  19. atmasters

    atmasters Well-Known Member

    I dont know if this will help but what about the battery being just a little bit to small and is disconnecting? I have only had my phone restart if an app gets hung up and the phone has to reset but have not had it randomly shut down on my yet.
  20. SYSTEM100

    SYSTEM100 New Member

    I'm going through the same problems. I already changed two 16gb miniSD cards. Then I thought about using an 8gb mini SD card but after I transferred some files into the card, it started rebooting every 5 mins. Really frustrating! I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 from T-Mobile and have only used it for about 1 month.
    Originally I thought the miniSD cards are defective so I went back to BestBuy to exchange twice, then I got a smaller 8GB but it's the same problem. If I take out the miniSD card, then the phone goes back to normal, no rebooting at all. I'm not sure if the memory card slot is defective on my phone?
  21. syndrome85

    syndrome85 New Member

    I've had this same issue with my GSII for about 3 weeks now. There are all kind of different post about this error and possible solutions. Some people suggest going to the root menu and clear all the cashe stored in the phone. Other say try dl cache cleaner NG from the market (free) and it will solve the restarting issues. It doesn
  22. SYSTEM100

    SYSTEM100 New Member

    I'm not sure if I found out what the problem is. After reading some posts yesterday, I followed one of the suggestions to find out which app was really causing the problem. What I did first was to format the miniSD card. Then I had to re-download all the apps I had which was about 50 or so. What I did different was to leave the SKYPE app on the phone's internal memory instead of transferring it to the miniSD card. So far I haven't had any reboots. I'm thinking it is the SKYPE app that caused the constant reboots. I don't know if you have this app saved on the card? If so, maybe remove it, then format the card and re-download whatever apps you had before and see if you still have the same problem. If you do not have Skype, then I don't know what may be causing your phone to reboot.
  23. Oxx1

    Oxx1 New Member

    Hi there, i was thinking......

    I,ve had the problem also, galaxy s2 went dead or the code screen appeared randomly. It didn't appear when the phone was on charge.

    I have 2 identical simcards, one in my phone and one for my car phone. i have changed them, to bring the telephone numbers trough the simcard to my carphone.

    That was a week ago and since then my problem is gone.Haven't changed anything else, so i think the problem lies in the simcard.

    Ask your provider for a new one.

    I have programmed goldcards for hobby in the past and they where very keen on the voltage if you try to write them. Maybe the problem lies in the older type simcards. Only guessing ....
  24. Fastfazer

    Fastfazer New Member

    I have this phone from my work now for 3 weeks.
    I use my old phone 2 Gb memory card into it, and it works ok the music and pictures works all fine.

    The first week no problem, I did one firts firmware upgrade using Kies.

    Now last week a second upgrade done with kies, and also the upgrade for the camara.
    Android version 2.3.6
    Kernel version
    Build number Gingerbread.XWKK2
    Its not rooted!

    The phone is rebooting must of the times when it on the closet not touched at all. So there for its not a problem of a bad battery connection in my case!

    I'm still looking what the problem generated.
    I find this worthless that it happens with this expensive device!
  25. Sati

    Sati New Member

    I have had my s2 for nearly two months now, with lots of random resets in there, but it's now upped the ante and is resetting three or four times per day. I haven't contacted Virgin, who my contact is through, as I'm worried they'll ask me to send the phone in to be looked at and it'll disappear for months :/

    I will try taking the SD card out. Might try the paper trick too but it sounds pretty dodgy to me...

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