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S2 keeps rebootingSupport

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  1. Friends4U

    Friends4U Member

    Same problem here, few weeks now... sometimes 1 or 2 days no problem and sometimes the problem 2 or 3 times a day...

    Skype removed.
    Battery removed.

    Nothing so far...

  2. CargoMatatu

    CargoMatatu Well-Known Member

    Last night I decided to try the battery removal idea.

    Let's wait and see what happens!
  3. hyperlink

    hyperlink New Member

    i had the same problem after upgrading the firmware to 2.3.6 using kies. i think the new firmware is kind of buggy
  4. benzmar

    benzmar Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, what shall I do?
    After the update to 2.3.6 using kies, really my loveable SGS2 is frequently restarting. I tried even removing the battery, SIM, SD Card and again assembled. Does the same - restarts!

    I don't this again to happen. How do we reinstall the whole again?

    I even tried factory reset, and setup all the apps again, but started restarted again of its own when its idle.

    Is Samsung aware of it? How do we get an immediate fix? Any patch or update on the air coming up for this? :mad:
  5. jzc23

    jzc23 New Member

    Hello friends! Someone who can help me with my galaxy s2! When I restart the phone appears on the screen "downloading software", and thereafter does nothing. To repeatedly restart the same thing happens. If someone could recommend a solution. thank you!
  6. muzzny

    muzzny New Member

    hey guys ive been using dis phone almost a month and it keep rebooting like 3 to 4 times a day even i left my phone alone and sometimes when i open and want to play games it got hang and restart please help....what could be the problem i love this phone...:confused:
  7. dcprogrunner

    dcprogrunner New Member

    Hi, I just upgraded my S2 firmware to 2.3.6 yesterday via Kies (from 2.3.3) and I started to experience the same problem. I think my unit rebooted 3 times yesterday after the upgrade. Is there any findings yet and concrete solution on how to resolve this issue?
  8. RanRuobin

    RanRuobin Active Member

    got the same restarting issue here:
    My findings: After many experiments I found that if I switch off all sync (background data + sync) switch of WIFI and Data traffic, then it doesn't hang in the restart loop.
    Once it had safely started I switched on the sync,wifi.......again.
    After this I moved all software, which is TSR (terminate and stay resident) from SD card to the phone memory. And.voila now my phone doesn't restart itself.
    Conclusion: IMHO it is a mix of problems. If the phone has software running in the background (like syncing or other background activities) while it is restarting and scanning the SD card, then it hangs in a loop. If this software installed not on the SD card, then it doesn't seem to effect the SD card scanning process.
    However, this is not a scientific approach it done by try and error.........
    but it works, at least on my phone

    hope it helps
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  9. Olster

    Olster New Member

    I have discovered that my S2 only does a restart when it is running on batery power and the wifi is turned on.

    I recharge overnight mostly, but have been experimenting with the restart issue, if the phone is plugged in to the power supply and the wifi is on overnight I have no problems. When I leave it on battery power with the wifi on then the next morning I am greeted with the password screen for logging in. Battery power and and wifi off and I have no problem again.

    The timing of the restart seems very haphazard though.

    P.S. I have had no reply from the Samsung help desk in over 2 weeks since I reported it.
  10. Robert Webb

    Robert Webb Member

    I've also had this problem for the month or so since I "upgraded" to 2.3.6. Sometimes it reboots 2 or 3 times in a day. Sometimes it goes a few days without rebooting. I took the battery out for 20 minutes, and it didn't reboot for a few days after that, but then started doing it again.

    Worst part is probably that notifications are lost after a reboot. That seems like a separate bug to me. Surely it should remember what notifications were pending even if the phone is rebooted?
  11. Robert Webb

    Robert Webb Member

    Surprisingly, I got a rather quick reply from Samsung (below). Unfortunately they just suggest I take the phone in for service, but no one seems to have an answer to this issue, so how would the service centre be able to fix it? Presumably they'd end up wiping the phone and re-installing everything, which from other reports won't fix it, so it seems a bit pointless. They also wouldn't be able to test it as it's so intermittent.

    Has anyone else with this problem taken their phone in for a service?

  12. Friends4U

    Friends4U Member

    Today they released an update... perhaps this will fix the problems...
    So far so good...
  13. barryyam

    barryyam Well-Known Member

    what update is that? where can i get it?
  14. shivram100

    shivram100 Well-Known Member

    Yes I am facing the same problem after updating the firmware to 2.3.6 and it happens once in 3-4 days. Today I was in a call and it happened.
  15. mythxxx

    mythxxx New Member

    For all you guys having the resetting issue, try removing the SD card and see how that works. My SG2 (2.3.6) keeps rebooting randomly if I insert my 32Gb Kingston SD card. I tried all solutions around here but nothing worked. Even keeping the card unmounted didn't work, still rebooted. Took the card out, no more random reboots.
    It could be related to 2.3.6 since on the stock 2.3.4 i had I didn't notice the issue. But anyway, take the card out and see if your phone is ok then.
  16. Trevb54

    Trevb54 New Member

    please forgive my ignorance but where and when do you enter that code.
    Also I'm in Australia does that make a difference?

  17. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    You enter the code in the dial pad, same place you use when typing a number to call. Tap the call icon on the homescreen and swype the top part to the right. Dial pad is far left.

    There are many codes that you can type in it that gives you different function / information. I've seen a list here in the forum before. This particular code is for factory reset the phone I think. So think carefully before doing it.

    Does not matter country since its phone specific

  18. Friends4U

    Friends4U Member

    a shame. after new fw it looked good for one day but today 4 times already...
  19. Friends4U

    Friends4U Member

    update via settings -about
  20. androidcyborg

    androidcyborg New Member

    Hi, just thought I'd pitch in as I'm experiencing the same issue and you guys seem to have come across a lot of interesting stuff.

    I've had the phone for two months now and the problem only started today. I'm on Gingerbread 2.3.3 and my phone reboots automatically when it happens. In fact, I was listening to music at the time (multiple times after) and the music doesn't stop until I hear the welcome chimes.

    It hasn't happen before... what I was doing different today is I usually use an A2DP stereo Bluetooth and it ran out on me so I connected my headphones directly in the phone... and that's when it all started. I do have a 32Gb SD card (by Lexar) inserted, that is where my music is. I'm also using the optional extended Samsung branded battery that comes with its own cover and it is so tight that I could not fit a piece of paper at the bottom (I've had that battery for more than two weeks now).

    I can confirm that holding the power button down closes and restarts the phone when locked with password (without a prompt) and my holder is a pretty tight fit (I've had the holder as long as the phone). Maybe the headphones plug pushes the power button into the holder but I must also admit that I started using IMO yesterday and I've got a Skype account logged through it permanently since (and other ones as well).

    No matter how hard I shake the phone it doesn't happen. Some of us may have different sources to the problem but I thought I'd share what I have observed on my side in hopes of solving this issue with you guys... on an otherwise amazing phone.
  21. Agent Hambo

    Agent Hambo New Member

    I think the real question is what version of android did you just upgrade to seeing as most of us are having issues with 2.3.6. I think we all know how to check for updates, so it would be interesting to know what version they are rolling out, unless you have just upgraded to 2.3.6 yourself.

    Back on topic, and part of the reason why I have registered, my handset has been doing this for a couple of months. First major problem was the external speaker had died (couldn't hear any audio from the phone ringing to music playing) that was fixed by a 3 week visit to the Samsung Dr. Nowadays the phone just resets randomly, and well, this isn't a problem for me untill today when I noticed several strange things.

    1)MTP connection will connect when the phone isn't connected to anything.
    2)The phone would hang on the screen lock screen, burning battery life and then rebooting.
    3)lost the external speaker during one reboot cycle with all audio coming from the earpiece (didn't know that was possible).
    4)during all of this the battery went from a 80% charge to 17% in less than an hour.

    I havn't played around with it since sticking it on the charge, but thought I would get these extra symptoms out there incase other people have had it happen. I hope ICS will clear all these issues up.

    Oh and my phone isn't rooted, has Optus bloatware and the screen is starting to show signs of "burn in" where the status bar is. :S despite these issues... best phone I have ever had
  22. shadou

    shadou New Member


    I removed all the applications installed( not the songs or photos) on my SD card and i put them all in the phone memory and its working fine!! No more reset and i can turn off my S2 without anymore problem!! Good job my friend!! Thank you very much!!

    Take care
  23. Studpuppy26

    Studpuppy26 New Member

    My phone started rebooting and placing all icons which was in folders btw on the apps screen spreading them out on 10 - 20 windows. it restart 3 - 5 times a week. after placing the icons back into the folders and it restarts again all apss are placed outside of the folders again.:mad:

    software loaded:
    Android version: 2.3.4
    Kernal: - I9100XWKI4-CL575468

    could this update be an problem?
  24. fernrock

    fernrock New Member

    It would seem that most people have trouble with version 2.3.6.
    I have the problem on 2.3.5 (ireland).
    I have now moved skype from the sd to the phone memory -so we will see.

    Still rebooting --now removed chomp and runkeeper from sd card.
  25. Robert Webb

    Robert Webb Member

    For what it's worth, I don't have ANY apps installed to the SD card, and never have. They are all installed internally. But I still have the reboot issue. The SD card just has photos and music.

    I do have a 32G SD card. I notice a few other people mention that too. Does anyone have this reboot problem with a smaller card?

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