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  1. pedgepuk

    pedgepuk New Member

    Hi all,

    My Samsung Galaxy S2 has decided to not charge anymore as of yesterday but only when the phone is powered on. If I attempt to charge it when powered on it will indicate that it is charging but will instead discharge and the back cover gets very hot. The phone does normally get warm if the wifi is in use but this was a lot hotter and i've avoided having the wifi on at all.

    I've tried charging it from 30% but it instead drains, tried from a fully drained battery but it doesn't charge. So, switching the phone off allowed me to charge it using the mains charger and USB lead but I still can't get it to charge when the phone is powered on.

    I do have some battery apps that have been working well for the last 8 months and these have now been uninstalled in case they're causing the problem.

    The CPU seems to be moderate to idle after downloading and checking with Android Assistant, so there's nothing hogging the phone and the problem still exists.

    I upgraded to ICS 4.0.3 release in April and have an unbranded Galaxy S2.

    Does anybody have any advice?



  2. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Did you do a factory reset? Might want to do that if haven't, and make sure back up everything before you do.
  3. Gearu

    Gearu Well-Known Member

    Make sure the dialer app isn't running.
  4. pedgepuk

    pedgepuk New Member

    Thanks for the replies.

    I checked all running processes/apps but couldn't see the Dialler app running. I did shut quite a few background running apps but this hasn't made any difference.

    On Friday night I managed to get the phone charged to 100% but only when the phone was powered off. The battery didn't last more than 12 hours and I noticed that if I was running an app/game for 5mins the phone would get hot around the camera lens. I didn't use the phone for any data/wifi or calls during Saturday but the battery just ran dry. It normally takes 2 days before it reaches 20-25% and needs a charge.

    I tested the battery in my other halfs S2 and it charges normally in her phone. Her S2 battery experiences the same issue in my phone so it rules out a battery problem. ZDBox also reports that the battery temperature increases from 28 degrees to 46 and the voltage also increases from 3.480v to 3.9v.

    Saturday night I ensured that all radio signal features were off, i.e. Wifi/Bluetooth and GPS. Shut the phone down and removed the battery for 5mins as suggested in other posts. I switched the phone on with it plugged in and noticed it was now charging. Left it overnight where it charged fully. The battery lasted 30 hours with slight more usage than Saturday.

    Today Monday, I get the same charging problem when plugged into the mains or USB.

    To get to reset the phone back to factory settings, can anyone recommend the best method to backup my data? It's not rooted so I can't use Titanium.

    I would need to backup contacts, sms', music, photos, videos, apps, app data and anything else that's vital before a reset.

  5. soyfantomas

    soyfantomas New Member

    I had the same problem when my Samsung Galaxy S2 was plugged to the computer via USB. I noticed how it said it was charging, but instead the battery percentage was going down...

    I plugged it directly to the electricity and now it is charging even if the phone is on.

    Plus, the battery is not getting hot. The phone is fresh as a lettuce.

    Hope it helps.
  6. ganthen

    ganthen New Member

    i have exactly the same issue...battery not charging when power on & it's heating n draining the battery...only seems to charge when it is off. Also tried reset factory, seems ok for a while...but afterthat problem stil occur. so anyone have solution for that?...or could it be the defect or something else?..
  7. takdai

    takdai New Member

    From what i heard u could do a factory reset, after which the phone should charge normally (i haven tried it though so cant give you guaranty :))

    Another option that works which i discovered accidentally when it happened to me . I switched off my phone and charged it to mains, after some time i noticed the charger was a little warmer than earlier. I took it as a sign that battery is charging and sure enough when i switched on the phone later the battery was charged. After that it charged normally with USB and mains.
    Though this problem happened again (not charging while phone is on) i followed those steps again and it was fixed for over a month my phone was able to charge normally.
  8. johannes

    johannes Member

    I've had the same issue. As I speak my phone is 'charging' via USB to my laptop, but actually just getting hot and the battery running down. I've had this a few times and through rebooting the phone it sometimes sorts itself out, but I think the best solution is to charge straight off the mains if at all possible. Pretty crap though
  9. ganthen

    ganthen New Member

    finally...i think this is a solution....the phone not charging n heating up due to apps not completely shutdown...that's y...the CPU keeps processing and it heats up...

    go to setting>apps and 'force close' the user apps that u r using frequently..facebook, line, games..etc..
    i tried the autokill apps but some apps restart by itself...the only way is to 'force close'...wish all the apps have the shutdown button...

    so everytime i need to recharge..i will force close the apps that i was using that day...how i wish there's a fix frm samsung or updated firmware to solve this problem.

    so guys...try it...
  10. silentpaul

    silentpaul New Member

    Mine will charge but not all the way just half. New battery and reset same thing. Even with new charger. I did love this phone now im about to crush it.
  11. urmad

    urmad New Member

    Its just a mistake of enginnering mode which caused accidentally, Download MobileUncle tool and got to enginnering mode and try usb electrical mode start and just come bach to home screen without stopping it , your phone will be good as new

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