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  1. gianmarco

    gianmarco Active Member


    -Samsung Galaxy S2 i777
    -Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3
    -Alternate between Apex and Nova (both free versions)

    My S2 has been randomly shutting down while on standby mode recently. Most of the time, I had to keep the power button pressed for about at least 5 seconds, then hold it again to boot it (as you would usually hold it to power it on). On a few times, I had to remove and reinsert the battery.

    I then notices this happened to my battery:


    So i calibrated my battery by letting it run out, then turning it on and letting it run out until it could not power on any more (I only had to do this once). I then charged it while it was off, disconnected for a bit when it reached 100%, then reconnected till it reached 100% again (the intervals got smaller and after about the 4th time it hi 100% within about 15 seconds).

    I then tuned it on and cleared the cache, but unfortunately, it is still randomly shutting down while on standby.

    Thoughts on how to solve these issues? (Both random shut downs while on standby and battery calibration).

  2. cebu111

    cebu111 Active Member

    Ive been experiencing this as well, the random shutting off while on stand by. Anything causing this?

    Im also on Official Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 (non rooted)
  3. dragula2012

    dragula2012 Well-Known Member

    I upgraded my samsung 2 from gingerbread 2.3.6 to ICS last Sunday. The phone not only shut off twice that day but also it had problems with the sms notifications and battery drain . So what I did was this : I did a factory reset and wiped the cache twice, also I formatted my external card and got rid of some apps. Today the phone is working fine. i hope this can help you.It is a non rooted phone , too.
  4. cebu111

    cebu111 Active Member

    Thanks. Will try to do this.
  5. fightnaked

    fightnaked Member

    Has anyone had success? I have the exact same problems as OP. Just this morning I wiped cache partition, did a factory reset, and formatted my SD card. So far running a little better, but already had to remove the battery to reboot and the battery was something close to 30% lower.
  6. cooper1973

    cooper1973 Member

    I have the same problem ics 4.0.3 and just randomly shuts down been doing it since i got the phone in Sept. And to anyone reading this don't wipe external card or wipe phone in anyway as this does not solve the issue. I would say this is the same issue that Nokia use too suffer with and it was just a software bug. I believe this will only poss be sorted once new software is released
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  7. gianmarco

    gianmarco Active Member

    My phone updated to 4.0.4 the other day and I just experienced the issue again.
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  8. Halofromsue

    Halofromsue Active Member

    Before any update, I LOVED my phone. NEVER had a problem with anything.
    Even bragged about it to friends and family and even got a few to get the same phone.

    After the first update in June to ICS, my phone started acting up in many ways. One way was the notificaion sounds wouldn't work, and the texts wouldn't work, then it would randomly shut off the phone and the ONLY way I could turn it back on EVERYTIME was to take out battery. Well, I got another phone cause the other one was still under warranty, and although it didn't shut off, the lack of text sounds were still an issue. Then two days ago, I get another update, and now, the sounds work, but my phone must shut off a dozen times a day, and I have to remove the battery each time to restart it. There was a time when I LOVED this phone....not now.
  9. viper725

    viper725 New Member

    Same problem here. Was working fine until this update. Now it keeps shutting down a couple times a day. Only way to reboot is to take out the battery. WTF?
  10. fightnaked

    fightnaked Member

    Just curious, do you have a case on your phone? Could it possibly be an overheating issue? I left the case off my phone for a day and it didn't shut off. Put the case on and it shut off within an hour.
  11. Dysfunctional

    Dysfunctional Member

    You might be onto something.
    I never had the shutting off problem until the newest update. I kept my phone in an Otter box case and after the fourth time removing it to get to the battery after unwanted shutdown I decided to not put it back in the case.

    It's been fine so far. No shutdowns since it went 'naked'.
  12. Dysfunctional

    Dysfunctional Member

    Of course now I can't keep it on me at work (I pave roads) because it ain't in a case anymore.
  13. fightnaked

    fightnaked Member

    It almost seems symptomatic of an overheating issue. My first thought was possibly a clogged vent or fan (since I had a similar issue on my laptop), however I don't think the S2 has a cooling fan?
  14. miko_mido

    miko_mido New Member

    I recently did the update to 4.0.4 and now my phone is experiencing the same issues as those listed above.
    The screen will go into "standby" and then suddenly will not turn on - this happens almost 5 times in a day. (I do have it in a case, but it's not getting hot at all... I really dislike taking the case off.)

    The phone itself cannot seem to hold a battery charge overnight, as before I could just leave it unplugged and not have a problem; I wake up in the morning to find the phone battery dead WITH NO WARNING.

    Another thing that really irks me is the fact that the phone, once it goes "blank" and I reset it (button reset or battery) the phone comes back on and then the data is suddenly turned off. I have to go into my Data settings and turn on "packet data" or I cannot text, use the internet, etc.

    Is anyone else experiencing these issues? Any solutions? (I'm assuming we're just going to have to complain enough to get an update?)
  15. essenceofire

    essenceofire Active Member

  16. fightnaked

    fightnaked Member

    **** ICS.
  17. dragula2012

    dragula2012 Well-Known Member

    I updated from 2.3.4 to 2.3.6 without any issue. I updated from ICS 4.0.3 to 4.0.4 and once the phone rebooted it asked me to enter a network lock code . the update made my phone locked. So I had to spent big bucks to downgraded to 4.0.3 again. my phone is unrooted. All this is really annoying :(

    PS. ICS 4.0.3 is running ok.
  18. iobzidian

    iobzidian New Member

    Same problem here with 4.0.3 AND 4.0.4 unrooted as well. Phone shut off on me 3 times today alone. All have been when the phone is idle/standby with the screen off.

    New battery (not Samsung) and still no change.

    So my question to everyone: is rooting the phone the only way to salvage these phone? I have been searching and searching for days now however I haven't found anything that can fix the sod problem that seems to very prevelant.

    So is rooting the solution??
  19. lpd50

    lpd50 Member

    Good morning and Happy New Years to all....first time poster here..

    I have been reading this forum for quite some time now and find it very informative in most areas. My post is to also confirm the same random powering down of my Samsung i777 GS2 phone. After the last incident, I checked my battery usage and it looked like a cliff. Again, I experienced a double digit drop in battery level.

    I spent about an hour on the phone with AT&T and Samsung yesterday re this problem. Of course they were less then knowledgeable (allegedly) about the shut off problem since the 4.0.4 update.

    I explained to the Samsung rep that I did not have this problem since the update, now it happens at least once a day. In response to this I got the usual scripted reply that I needed to either do a factory reset or take it to a service center for warranty work. I tried to explain to the rep that based on these blogs and my experiences that it has to do with the OTA update.

    I did the factory reset yesterday and of course this morning my phone powered off again without warning.

    This is getting old and frustrating very fast. Other than changing phones, not sure what else there is to do.

    The only thing of value the Samsung rep mentioned is if during the OTA update some of the data is incomplete or corrupted, it may cause an issue. Not sure if there is a away to reinstall the last update over a USB using Keis.

    Just my two cents worth...
  20. cebu111

    cebu111 Active Member

    So far when i did update from 4.0.3 to 4.0.4 so far so good. No random shutoff. Its been a week since.
  21. Dysfunctional

    Dysfunctional Member

    mine seems to have stabilized. The shutdowns seemed to have stopped.
    I've even put it back in its case and it's been good going on two days now.
    I don't know why it stabilized but I hope this becomes the case with others.

    The S2 is a really, really great phone. It's just unfortunately plagued with a few software glitches and a carrier that's slow/reluctant to address these glitches.
  22. essenceofire

    essenceofire Active Member

    Has anyone experienced a shut off while charging the phone?

    I haven't- yet. But it makes me nervous when I use my phone for an alarm.

    But shut offs have slowed down on my end as well. Only have had 2 since last friday.
  23. gianmarco

    gianmarco Active Member

    It happened twice today, this is getting really, really frustrating. Went from ~95% to ~70% ad then ~30% to less than 5%.

    Image of double battery drop: http://i.imgur.com/PW51E.png
  24. cristianu

    cristianu Member

    I have same trouble. In two months i didn't get any answer. I'll send in warranty next week.
  25. Dysfunctional

    Dysfunctional Member

    I read on another board that a person having this shutdown problem resolved his problem by disabling all the AT&T bloat apps. Namely the Smart Wi-fi one.

    If memory serves, I disabled all the AT&T stuff (except My AT&T) right around the same time that my phone "mysteriously" stabilized.

    I hope this tidbit of info will be of help to some of you

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