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S2X would not charge when plugged into AC adaptorSupport

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  1. sorlow

    sorlow New Member

    Hey Guys, my first post here. Actually it's my first looking for help on forums cuz I didn't really have major issues with the phone.

    So I have recently started using GoLauncher and its addons for a month or so. And didn't really notice a huge strain on my battery usage so I let it be. And not sure it had any connection to my problem. My phone gets hot now and then too.

    Just two days ago my battery started drain pretty fast. And then it wouldn't or do very little charge when I try to charge it using my AC adapter. For example, one night i was down to 4% and plugged it in and woke up in shock seeing that my phone is still at 4% battery.

    I did a factory reset (and lost all my gaming data =((((((..... I'm an idiot too.. backup pro didn't work) and stopped using GoLauncher as well. And charging is still like a slug. like 4 to 5% an hour.

    Then I found out that i can still charge through my laptop. even though slower. it is still a way.. but I can't leave my laptop on forever.

    going to try to re-calibrate my battery now... at 74% charging on my laptop for three hours and counting =////

    is it my battery? or my charger? or something else? I'm still at gingerbread... haven't updated a single time yet.

    It'll be great if you can give me some advice.! thanks in advance!

    I'm planning to call telus and see if my warranty would do anything for me =P but wanna solve this on my own first.


  2. sorlow

    sorlow New Member

    update: 8% since my first post, about 25mins?
    i'm charing on my laptop
    is that too slow to be a problem?

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