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  1. lovejimbo

    lovejimbo New Member

    Hi there - long time lurker, first time poster!

    Now, I'm not sure if this is a phone setting issue, an Android issue or my satnav/hands free issue - and sorry if this is a common problem, I did a search on the forums and haven't managed to find anything yet, probably using the wrong key words

    So then, I've paired the S3 with my Navigon 70/71 (rebranded as maps & more by Volkswagen) and it works beautifully for streaming music. It connects as soon as I enter the car and holds the signal well!

    ...however, when I go to make a call from the satnav - it dials the number fine, but plays the audio through the phone earpiece and not the satnav speakers.

    Of course, to remedy this I can manually click the headset icon on the phones call screen - but this is far from ideal as it means every time I nip in the car I have to get the phone out, set it to send audio through the bluetooth device and then start my journey. The moment you forget renders the hands free useless and you click answer or dial on the satnav and it plays the audio through the phones earpiece

    My old phone used to just allow me to get in the car without a thought, get a surprise phone call, click answer on the satnav and all the conversation would play out through the car speakers without a second thought... can I do this on ICS and the S3? Basically getting it to auto route audio through to the car stereo when connected?

    Thanks for your help and sorry if this is the wrong section/covered a million times before..

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  2. Scootmien

    Scootmien Well-Known Member Contributor

    I don't know if the S3 can do this natively (mine was delivered today and is at home waiting for me to get back) but I can do this on my S2 using an app called 'Tasker'.

    You can set up a profile within Tasker that automatically turns on bluetooth headset (for instance) as soon as the Blueooth device is connected.

    I hope that helps.
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  3. lovejimbo

    lovejimbo New Member

    Thanks for the tip :)

    I don't suppose you could offer any advise on how to set that up in Tasker... it's quite overwhelming to look at :p
  4. Scootmien

    Scootmien Well-Known Member Contributor


    On main screen (under Profiles), click the '+' button and give new profile a name then hit the tick.
    Go to State > Net > Bluetooth connected. Fill out the details for the bluetooth device of your choice (if required)

    Next screen asks you to enter a new task (give it a name if required) then press tick

    Press '+' then Audio > Speakerphone (for instance)

    Job's a good 'un. That should work. :)
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  5. lovejimbo

    lovejimbo New Member

    Excellent stuff, thank you so much!

    One more question - I take it speaker phone turns on the phones internal loud speaker, can I get it to route the audio to the bluetooth headset?

    Basically that button on the call screen that switches between the phone audio and headset audio?

    Thanks again!
  6. Scootmien

    Scootmien Well-Known Member Contributor

    No worries, glad I could help :)

    Try State > Hardware > headset plugged (or docked or USB plugged)

    and see if that works.

    Under tasks, you could also try '+' then Phone > Bluetooth Voice, or the one I think might work better is:

    Tasks > '+' > Display > Car Mode

    I'm not near my car so i can't comment on which one does what but the 'Bluetooth Voice' action can be used to toggle from using a bluetooth headset for voice comms and the car mode task might turn on the loudspeaker but I honestly can't say at the mo without actually checking it against my own car which is nowhere near me unfortunately.
  7. lovejimbo

    lovejimbo New Member

    Cheers for that!

    It seems to be working intermittently, so I'm currently trying to work out if its the phone, the car or me being a spoon...

    If you have any time in the future and you remember this thread next time your in the car it'd be greatly appreciated if you could confirm your settings - just out of curiosity :)

    Thanks for putting me onto that tasker app too, it seems insanely powerful so I'll be having a good play with it!

    Hope you enjoy your new S3!
  8. FARCrow

    FARCrow Member

    Hope you don't mind me jumping into this thread but I'm also considering getting a Samsung Galaxy S3 (currently an iPhone user) and am wondering if this app can be used to do either of the following:

    1. Connect the phone to the car stereo using AUX and have the app switch to a bluetooth headset when a phone call is received or made?

    2. If I get a bluetooth to car audio adapter, could the app switch between two bluetooth devices, one for general audio (listening to podcasts & audio books) and the other BT headset for phone calls?

    Thanks in advance.
  9. nessred1

    nessred1 New Member

    Has the tasker app solved the issue with the s3 phone issue as I gave this problem with nine too. Any help appreciated thanks.
  10. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

    Had a similar issue with a new kenwood headunit. The way I got it to work was this.

    Download & install NFC Re-Tag (free) from market. (because at the time tasker was not in the equation)

    Place an NFC Tag on the dumb dock, program NFC Re-Tag to "make bluetooth discoverable" for 2 minutes then open Car Home Ultra app.

    Car Home Ultra detects and connects the bluetooth, and the head unit displays BT/HF&Audio

    With the added bonus that the steering wheel controls also skip the music evan if its streamed of the S3 ;) no need to use the S3 to control the music.

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