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S3 Call Logs Bug?Support

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  1. alexhickman89

    alexhickman89 New Member

    Has anyone else noticed that when changing the VIEW BY options on the LOGS that when you ask for it to just show ALL CALLS, when you go back into the logs it always reverts the setting back to ALL LOGS!! (Shows texts and calls!!) VERY Annoying

    Please can anyone else confirm this

    I have informed samsung and they said they would pass the information on to be fixed in a future update, i cant find anything on here or google that supports my issue :/




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  2. UserName872

    UserName872 Well-Known Member

    Same thing here. Also noticed my favorites tab is 3rd and contacts are 4th but when i press on my contacts it swaps the favorites and contacts tabs...
  3. alexhickman89

    alexhickman89 New Member

    Phew not just me then........ ive had a look on mine regarding your bug, it doesnt do that on mine "/ there is no tab switching :)
  4. ceryavuz

    ceryavuz New Member

    same for me :(
  5. jers2dirty

    jers2dirty New Member

    Yes, I have the same problem! It is very annoying

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