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  1. rsca500

    rsca500 New Member

    Hi all,

    After being an iPhone person since 2007, I've finally decided to go for an Android phone. Got my S3 on the launch date and loved it... However...

    I've made a few videos on my S3 and roughly half of those are not working when I try to play them. On the gallery when I click the video icon, the first message that I get is "Unable to load photo" and then when I click on the "play" icon on this error screen, the following pop-up message comes up "Sorry, this video cannot be played".

    Also, when taking a few pictures consecutively, most of them are not being saved correctly, they are on the Gallery but it is just a big blur, I can't see anything at all on the picture or thumbnail.

    I've checked the video and image files, they all appear to be of a large size, thus something is being saved on it, but cannot play or see anything...

    The camera files are being saved on a 32Gb mini sd hc card (kingston, 10 speed rating), could the card be causing this? Or is it a hardware/software problem? Is anyone having this issue?


  2. Mar

    Mar Well-Known Member

    That's odd indeed. Try changing the media storage to the phone memory instead of the card to see if it continues having the same problem. If it doesn't then maybe the sd card has a problem. Are you sure it is original? Sometimes cheap SD cards are not what they seem to be
  3. rsca500

    rsca500 New Member

    Thanks for your reply. I have contacted the seller (on Ebay), we swears his card is not a fake, but after looking on the internet about counterfeit Kingston cards I'm now 100% sure the card is indeed a FAKE! Annoying and frustrating, lost some really nice videos and pictures from my last week holiday... Getting a full refund from him and going to buy another card from a reliable source. :mad:

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