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  1. Jan Shim

    Jan Shim Active Member

    Along with Predictive Text no longer working surprise, I thought this was/still is rather annoying. As I recall with the stock ICS, pressing the home button after the phone times out, the screen wakes up to the last opened app. Now, hitting the home button, it closes the last app and gives you the home screen right away. So in order to return to the last app screen, I have to wake it up by pressing the power switch. I don't know if this is the way Jelly Bean works or is that another quirk.

  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    If I press home immediately after locking the screen, I can reproduce this. I even see the homescreen pop up for a split second before going to the lock screen.

    However if I wait a few seconds (5 to 10) then I cannot reproduce this. I always end up in the app I was using.
  3. Jan Shim

    Jan Shim Active Member

    I use the phone quite a fair bit throughout the day and the lock screen is one major annoyance (switched from Nokia E71 of 4 years before the SGS3) so I have the lock screen set to None. For the purpose of testing post Home button behaviour, I set lock screen option to Swipe and last used app screen stays this time, even when I swipe it immediately.
  4. Japultra

    Japultra New Member

    Have you found a work around for this? I also just updated to jb and find this extremely annoying. I only want the screen to wake up, not go back to the home screen.
  5. Jan Shim

    Jan Shim Active Member

    Some people found a fix by rebooting their phone. I don't recall it being successful on mine so I had a correct version of JB reinstalled to perfection. Everything worked including Auto correction that I had issue with.
  6. demonflame5

    demonflame5 Member

    wait, so this is a problem with jellybean not installing correctly?
  7. Jan Shim

    Jan Shim Active Member

    I had JB installed twice on my SGS3. First time was a version not intended for my region but the only thing not working for me then was the version didn't come with auto correction. It was only after I reinstalled JB the second time using the correct files then everything started working correctly.
  8. Pappy35

    Pappy35 Well-Known Member

    Mine does this as well and it's the stock Jelly Bean AT&T upgrade via Kids so no, it's not just an installation issue.

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