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S3 microphone not working...but I made a discovery...help?Support

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  1. rotobadger

    rotobadger Member

    Today, the mic on my Galaxy S3 decided to stop working. People call me and I can hear them but they can't hear me. Tested the mic with the voice recorder and, if I yell, you can BARELY hear my voice (kind of muffly and scratchy). Tried rebooting, turning off noise reduction, etc. No help.

    Here's the weird thing: When I tap the phone body or scratch the mic with my fingernail, THAT sound comes through loud and clear! The V/U on the voice recorder pegs out when I tap the mic with my finger. Voice doesn't register though! I listen back and the tapping/scratching sounds crystal clear and loud.

    I've got to get this fixed asap. Any ideas???

  2. nafanny29

    nafanny29 Member

    As a temp fix use the headset or a bluetooth headset. Hope you get it fixed!!
  3. JimmyRayBob

    JimmyRayBob Well-Known Member

    That should be covered by the warranty....take it back to where you bought it.
  4. dusiao

    dusiao New Member

    There is no any microphone problem whatsoever. Clean the microphone holl and it will work again.
  5. Micko911

    Micko911 New Member

    How did you fix this i am having the exact same problem?
  6. Renee25

    Renee25 New Member


    I have the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy 3. When I make a call I can hear the person but the person can't hear me, My voice recorder and my voice search does not pick up my voice. I sent the phone back to Samsung to have it fixed, they supposedly fixed it and sent it back to me. It worked for a bit and now it is doing the same thing it was doing before I sent it to Samsung to be fixed. I called Samsung and they were acting like they couldn't give me an answer as to why my microphone is still not working. I will now have to send it in for the second time, which I feel I shouldn't have to do because it should have been fixed the first time.

    I will say that I ordered my phone online from T-Mobile and was thinking that the phones that are ordered online are the ones with the microphone problems. Let me know what you think!

  7. Renee25

    Renee25 New Member

    Oh yeah I tried to clean the microphone and that did not help
  8. Amatty 230885

    Amatty 230885 New Member

    I Had this prob . Go to call settings and turn off "background noise reduction" problem solved
  9. makiSG3

    makiSG3 Member

    Take it back to dealer if it is under warranty. Had same problem, and i got another phone.
  10. haphilbert

    haphilbert New Member

    Hey, I had exactly this problem. I tried compressed air to no avail. However, placing a pin gently into the microphone hole fixed this (it removed a small piece of what I can only assume is wax - I've been known to keep ear plugs in my pockets). Care advised if you are doing this yourself!
  11. Sophie Hanley

    Sophie Hanley New Member

    Habe the same problem but.... it picks up my voice on video, and sometimes sound recorder. But it doesn't work on s voice or calls... it started last week when I got my smashed screen replaced but im not sure that is the cause of the problem. I don't know if it's a virus or what??? Can someone help?
  12. Sophie Hanley

    Sophie Hanley New Member

  13. spagman72

    spagman72 Well-Known Member

    The S3 has 2 microphones... One at the top for video recordings and one at the bottom for call / recording.

    If you received your phone back from the techs with this issue it could be that the rubber mic grommet fell out of place... Or something is plugging the mic hole.

    On the other hand, if it happened after the repair it could be a clogged mic / case hole.... Or the mic went bad.... Yes, the mic can go bad.

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