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  1. Hoffers

    Hoffers New Member

    Hi there, Phandroid and S3 newbie here.

    I have found that my microphone is not working during voice calls however it works fine in S Voice, voice recording and video recording. Looking through the forums and web it appears that many people have trouble with their microphones but I've yet to find anyone who has a microphone that works in all applications except calls.

    Has anyone had this problem and how did they fix it?

  2. Hoffers

    Hoffers New Member

    Thanks Stanleys. I've found the S Voice to be satisfactory to my needs. I'm trying to get the voice working during calls from my end.
  3. big_smurf

    big_smurf Member

    I have exactly the same problem. I have tried searching the web and all i can find is someone saying its a hardware problem and that the phone needs to be replaced. There seems to be a growing trend of this but no reals solutions or explanations.
  4. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Can you swap sim cards to rule out network issues? or at least take it out and give it a wipe before reseating the sim?

    Or do you not have SIMs?

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