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  1. cman1414

    cman1414 Well-Known Member

    hello i am a current user of a large plastic and cheap feeling galaxy s3. now i have been looking at the razr m and i quite like it to be honest. big screen, little phone, great cpu and no touchwiz!!!!

    am i just being stupid here or is this really a better phone?
    ive looked at it in every aspect and i really like it, also if i did do this would any one want a s3? :D

  2. phositadc

    phositadc Well-Known Member

    I don't think you can really say one is "better." If you want a big screen and a good camera, the s3 is better than the M. If you want a small form factor, the M wins hands down. Ultimately it comes down to size.
  3. cman1414

    cman1414 Well-Known Member

    have you experienced any lag, or issues with calling etc? thanks btw
  4. Freak4Dell

    Freak4Dell Active Member

    It depends on how you define better. The S3 has higher specs. However, I agree with you. The M is a better phone, simply because of the entire package...great specs in a small size. That's hard to come by these days, and the SIII just cannot offer that.
  5. mrdrh99

    mrdrh99 Well-Known Member

    Yep, I went into Verizon Yesterday, I had the bionic and I had planned on leaving with a galaxy but I'm now a proud owner of the M. There was nothing the galaxy offered that could pull me away and make me spend the extra $100! the main reason I like it is because my first Android was the eris, and i loved it because of the size. This one has everything I need under the hood and the size is fantastic! Love it!
  6. cman1414

    cman1414 Well-Known Member

    also the s3 in my opinion is cheap and tacky and is proned to damage!
    just pressing the power button feels terrible. Not to mention the heat, it get hot just playing music and plaaying a game like asphalt 7, im surprised it doesnt melt!!!

    also the antenna isnt the best.
    at times i miss my motorola x2 its just sad its that over rated
  7. Freak4Dell

    Freak4Dell Active Member

    I haven't held one myself, but I believe you. Most of the Samsung phones released lately have felt pretty cheap. I used to be a Samsung fan, but I'm really not happy with the stuff they've been doing over the past year or so.
  8. cman1414

    cman1414 Well-Known Member

    yea i know it makes no sense! like the s2 was great but the s3 not so much, btw hows the Ms battery life? ik my s3 was actually pretty good, if it helps my phone is usually in standby during classes and such.
  9. cman1414

    cman1414 Well-Known Member

    btw its too late to take advantage of the restocking fee, so what do you reccomend to sell my s3?
    i might get a new plan in a month when we discontinue our plan and start up a new one so i could get the upgrade then too.
  10. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    I'm actually torn between this and the S3. I've used the S3 and I loved it. However, the was prior to the release of the M. I love the feel of the M but I really want a HD screen. The M's screen isn't bad either. Decisions....decisions!

    I've been lurking in this forum for a while so appreciate everyone's thoughts.

    How's the camera on the M?
  11. cman1414

    cman1414 Well-Known Member

    i have yet to use the M, but i know the density of pixels is not as bad as you think. The s3 does have a nice density but nothing noticeable. this is just going off the 4.3 qhd display on my x2 which is still a beautiful display. if you care abt 720p get either the s3, nexus or razr hd. but i dont give a crap as long as it looks good when you look at it. and camera ive heard is not as good as the s3, but still a very good shooter, the front camera is only 0.3 megapixels so yea not the best, but i never used the front one anyway (except to check my hair).

    also is it just me or is the white version really ugly?
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  12. jntdroid

    jntdroid Well-Known Member

    Camera on the M is inconsistently good. The shutter is extremely fast, so in well-lit situations, it can take solid pictures without much effort (unlike most previous Moto phones). However, it can't seem to figure out how to handle color balance and exposure sometimes. Throw in low light and the flash, and it can do ok, but it can also struggle quite a bit. I think some software tweaks will help, b/c it CAN take excellent photos very quickly.

    At this point I'd rank it higher than previous Moto phones, but still not as good as the S3, iPhone, or pretty much any HTC camera from the last year. But you can tell the potential is there. Check XDA and droidforums.net - there are a couple of good pictures / camera threads in both places.
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  13. SteveC

    SteveC Well-Known Member

    I got the Razr M over the Galaxy S III. It is a very good phone, but I've had rooted smartphones since the original Droid and it feels really strange running stock. The ability to root easily may yet take me to the G III. Maybe somebody will be able to root the M. I really don't care so much about custom ROM stuff, but frankly just being able to "disable" the bloatware crap does not cut it. They still show up in the app space and cause clutter. I also got real used to LBE ************* which could deny permissions some apps felt they neded. There is probably something similar for stock phones, but sadly it is not LBE.

    Overall the M is a pretty awesome phone. I knocks the socks off the Bionic I had previously. It has a much better screen, actually I wonder where the folks who complain about the poor screen are coming from :). The camera is a LOT better than the Bionic too. I like the Gorilla Glass/kevlar/nano coatings combo too. Moto phones are usually built pretty well.

    The M I have shows pretty low signal bars, but the dBm signal is about the same as the Bionic. Where I am it is still a 3G world. Verizon has been telling us 4G will be next month for several months now. If I actually live long enough to see 4G, it will be interesting to see if the signal improves. Contrary to claims, the 3G here went to pot in a big way when their network went to 4G. I know that is not supposed to happen, but that is what transpired. Anyway I'm curious to see what happens to service wheen 4G shows up. Phone call quality is better with the M than the Bionic too.

    The M seems to have the best GPS of any of the smartphones I have had too.

    While it does not have the same performance capabilities of the G III, it seems to be a lot more capable of doing more things than I will never need to do, and I suppose that is true for a lot of people.
  14. cman1414

    cman1414 Well-Known Member

    actually the m performs about equal to the s3, excluding ram which i never ever broke even 1 gig on the s3 yet. same cpu, and the gpu performs equal due to a lower pixel count even if its lower quality. As far as rooting goes this phone lacks the name of the s3 and wont have 50 million hackers working to root it, so just wait your time. as far as pointless functions samsung takes the gold in that by having a overly bloated phone with poor functions that dont work well (ex. smart stay). build quality is overall alot better and if its like all my other Motorola phones no case will be worn on most occasions. I just hate the feel of the plastic peeing and the overheating i get when i just play music!

    That is quite a rant i feel! excuse poor grammer please
  15. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja VIP Member

    in all honesty it is not the hardware that you judge

    its the expectations of these phones that people look forward to.

    some will say the m out performs the s3 mainly because they feel as though moto is superior quality and they prefer moto phones

    same goes for ppl who own the s3 where they will think its the best phone out right now.

    it is all based on user feel and experience.
  16. cman1414

    cman1414 Well-Known Member

    good point ill probably still go with the M, im going to wait and see about rooting though
  17. rsisley

    rsisley Well-Known Member

    It will be interesting when/if the S3 Mini comes out.
  18. Freak4Dell

    Freak4Dell Active Member

    Leaked specs seem to indicate that it's fairly close, if not identical, to the Galaxy Victory on Sprint. On paper, that phone doesn't even come close to the M. The screen is smaller and has a lower resolution, yet somehow the device is still wider than the M. Internal storage is half that of the M, too, and the processor has a lower clock speed. Plus, it will likely be made of the same cheap plastic that Samsung uses on all their phones, so Motorola will have the better build quality, too. I hope they don't call that thing an S3 Mini, because it's more like an S3 Neutered. Samsung is basically doing what every other manufacturer is doing...making a small phone and putting in outdated specs. At least Motorola had the sense to not only make it smaller than phones with smaller screens, but put in specs that you see in high-end phones today.
  19. Stuart P

    Stuart P Well-Known Member

    if both the s3 mini and the m (or i here in the uk) are seen as being in the mid range bracket, i'm thinking the s3 mini will sit at the lower end with the m at the higher end of that bracket
  20. bmetelsky

    bmetelsky Member

    Wow - I saw my first S3 up close today - that thing is huge. My coworker ordered one and obviously didn't check out one in the store first. Her comment to me was "I had no idea it was this big". I reminded her that she had a very limited amount of time to return it if she didn't like it.

    My RazrM is the perfect size and has all of the bells and whistles that I would need.
  21. cman1414

    cman1414 Well-Known Member

    just wait a few week the plastic will peel and start creaking, also very scratch proned! and 2 questions how is the signal on there because mine is terrible and also is there any pixelation, and for a third i just thought of how is the brightness? can you see it in sunlight and all? THANKS!
  22. bmetelsky

    bmetelsky Member

    The plastic on which phone will peel and creak?
    I only know that I do not drop any calls and do not lose data connection.
    I do not notice any pixelation on my RazrM.
  23. SteveC

    SteveC Well-Known Member

    Sorry, but I don't get the cheap feel stuff I see for either the M or the S III. What we have all clamored for, less weight and bigger screens, has come to pass and the result is an unexpectedly light phone for its size, whether large like the S III or somewhat smaller like the M. That lightness tends to give the "cheap feel" I think. I had the Verizon Fascinate and it held up very well. I'm a farmer and I am around water, dust, dirt, grease, oil, and various other dirty situations most people don't encounter. My Fascinate went naked in my pocket for a year and still looks like new. The S III is certainly no cheaper build than the Fascinate. (I wound up with the M due primarily to the nano coatings. That plasctic is really poly carbonate and is pretty tough. Gorilla glass is what it is advertised to be as far as I can tell, and kevlar can't hurt, but I'd bet it is a primary marketing ploy as much as anything.

    The real knock against the Samsung stuff is low battery life and the signals always seem weaker than the Motorola stuff.

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